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Intel releases 10th-generation Core desktop CPUs up to 10 cores 5.3GHz

Intel releases 10th-generation Core desktop CPUs up to 10 cores 5.3GHz

Intel today released the new tenth-generation desktop processor, which brought some obvious improvements. This processor belongs to the Comet Lake S series, which means that it uses the same 14nm process that we saw in previous generations. At the top of the line are the Core i9-10900K and Core i9-10900KF, “K” means unlocked, “F” means no integrated graphics, for the first time they have 10 cores and 20 threads.

Combined with Intel Thermal Velocity Boost technology, the tenth generation core can reach a maximum core frequency of 5.3 GHz and is also the new Boost Max 3.0 technology, which allows you to increase their core frequency to 5.2 GHz.

Another innovation is that although the processor is powered by 65 watts in normal condition. The unlocked version can actually increase TDP to 125 watts compared to 95 watts in the previous generation.

Intel releases 10th-generation Core desktop CPUs up to 10 cores 5.3GHz

The Core i9 has been upgraded from 8 cores to 10 cores, but the Core i7 is still 8 cores. However, Hyper-Threading has also returned to the Core i7 line. More interestingly, Hyper-Threading will also appear in the entire line. This is very good news for the Core i3 and Core i5 lineups because multithreaded tasks will be more efficient.

Pentium Gold and Celeron will also be updated, this is for prices below $ 100, they still have a dual-core structure, the difference is that Pentium Gold provides hyper-threading.

Finally, the T series, which is the 35 W line for small PCs, has the same number of cores as the standard version, but its power consumption is lower and its performance is relatively lower.

intel 10th generation processor

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Other new features in the 10th-generation Core desktop processor lineup include support for DDR4-2933 memory, support for 2.5Gbps Intel Ethernet connection I225, and integrated Wi-Fi 6 AX201 support. Intel said that compared to the previous generation, Comet Lake S provides an 18% increase in 4K video editing speed, a 10% increase in the number of frames on “PUBG” and a 13% increase in the number of frames on “Monster Hunter” The number of frames on “Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord” increased by 33%.

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