WeChat Android version 7.0.13 official version update released: dark mode is here

WeChat Android version 7.0.13 official version update released: dark mode is here

On April 2, the long-awaited WeChat dark mode came.

Today, WeChat Android official version 7.0.13 online, brought the long-awaited dark mode.

When the system is set to dark mode, WeChat can automatically switch to the corresponding mode, using WeChat at night protects the eyes more, and phones with an OLED screen save energy in the dark mode.

It should be noted that WeChat cannot be set to dark mode in the WeChat application, as in Windows Phone of the year, but it changes depending on the system settings and automatically switches to the system display mode.

Some netizens said it was a shortboard for WeChat dark mode. I hope that we can only use dark mode on WeChat instead of setting the system to dark mode all over the world.

After switching to dark mode, the entire WeChat interface will become a correspondingly dark display. When used in a dim environment, the entire application interface becomes very soft and not as dazzling as all white.

In addition to changing the background from white to gray-black, the dark mode also changed the bright green speech bubbles to dark green, which makes the interface very convenient.

It is worth noting that the new version of WeChat has also optimized the ability to send voice messages, and it is more convenient to carry it up and down.

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