Trials of Mana and 112 Operator Released by Square Enix

Trials of Mana and 112 Operator Released by Square Enix

The company Square Enix released the role-playing action movie Trials of Mana. So far this has not happened on all platforms – access will open in the coming hours. But the game is already receiving positive feedback from players and the press.

The Metacritic aggregator rated the PlayStation 4 version at 77 (user rating 8.3). This is the average score of OpenCritic. Critics pointed out that the 3D renovation of the classic 2D Super Famicom game has given new life to familiar fairy tales, and it looks fresh and modern.

There are now official trailers for you to watch, which set the tone for a colourful fantasy adventure.

In summer 2019 there was a worldwide release as part of the “Collection of Mana” on the Nintendo Switch. With Trials of Mana, the game now appears as a 3D remake for the PC, the PlayStation 4 and the Switch. The classic was developed from scratch. In addition to graphic improvements, It has also been given an improved class and skill system.

Square Enix has also revised the soundtrack for the new edition and has given the characters a synchronization. Which is available either in English or Japanese. Trials of Mana can be tried in the form of a demo version before purchasing.

112 Operator Simulator

Operators of the Polish Rescue Operator 112 Operator Simulator are already available on Steam. And the game has received 88% praise. Players noticed that when daily work was combined with the anxiety in people’s lives. The working atmosphere of duty was transmitted exactly.

Players are particularly keen that now you can choose your own or well-known city and use all its functions and bottlenecks as a bridgehead. Developers have made huge contributions to improve all aspects of the previous game 911 Operator.

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