Samsung: SmartThings acquires a new Alexa skill – Smart Home Platform:

Samsung: SmartThings acquires a new Alexa skill - Smart Home Platform:

Samsung ’s smart home platform SmartThings has acquired a new Alexa skill-in recent days, at least one new feature has appeared in the smart home part of Alexa Skills. A bit weird: There is no difference in the skill description compared to the old Alexa skill. It seems to even cut the new skill compared to the old version because sensor queries do not appear in the “new version” of the skill -Description still in the example commands.

At the same time, I also declared the old skill as “currently unavailable”. If you should rely on SmartThings in your smart home, then try it out, maybe new skills will be more useful.

In addition to Samsung TVs, smart things include certain types of devices that can be controlled using Amazon ’s voice assistant Alexa. SmartThings skills must be linked to the Samsung account that manages smart devices. Depending on the device, a SmartThings hub may also be required.

Samsung outlines various devices and control options of SmartThings through the following sample commands:

Samsung Smart TVs (2019 and 2018 models only)

• Alexa, turn on the TV in the living room.
• Alexa, increase volume on TV in living room.
• Alexa, change the channel to 23. *
• Alexa, switch the TV in the living room to HDMI.
• Alexa, pause.
• Alexa, continue on device


• Alexa, turn on the lights in the bedroom.
• Alexa, dim the lamps in the living room to 25%.
• Alexa, switch the hallway lighting to blue.


• Alexa, turn on the fan in the bedroom.
• Alexa, turn off the living room lamp.


• Alexa set the kitchen temperature to 22 degrees.
• Alexa, lower the bedroom temperature.
• Alexa, how is my thermostat set?


• Alexa, unlock the front door
• Alexa, is the back door closed?
• Alexa, lock the back door.

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