Persona 5 Royal: Game Review – The perfect JRPG game

Persona 5 Royal: Game Review - The perfect JRPG game

“Persona 5 Royal” poses an almost philosophical question for me: “Persona 5” is actually the perfect JRPG for me: great characters, a deep history, extreme scope, stylized to fall and an amazing soundtrack. What could be improved there? I could not think of anything, but, fortunately, Atlus developers are more creative than me.

In mid-2019, the trailer pleased with the final version: “Persona 5 Royal”. The announcement was not surprising, as Atlus developers later reissued Person 4 as Person 4 Golden. And “Persona 5 Royal” also follows the same pattern as Vita-Game: New content has been added that further expands the game, which is already over 100 hours.

However, so to speak, there was no need to integrate the new sets into the original game. Some dialogues have been redesigned and even redesigned dungeons. This affects e.g. B. the pyramid dungeon, which was a little long in “Person 5” because you had to roll back a lot. In Persona 5 Royal, you no longer stretch this scenario and rely on new mechanics that speed up the gameplay. For example, you now have a gripping hook that makes it easy to move forward.

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But before I go into too much detail, maybe a brief introduction for all those who have so far set aside “Persona 5”: “Persona 5 Royal” is for everyone who thinks that “Final Fantasy” is now too dynamic and too Western Perfect JRPG has become. Therefore, you need to rely on a complex turn-based combat system. The battle will never be too long and the tactics are pleasant. In this way, your fighters can carry out group attacks, pull out guns and must summon the appropriate assistants to destroy the enemy.

Similar to Pokémon, you can recruit enemy monsters. If you convince them to join you in a short time, then you can use their skills in battle. However, you can only participate in a certain number of character battles. Then, you will collect experience points and further develop. Later in the game, you can even merge characters to generate new creatures and combine the skills of the merged characters. Therefore, you can basically grow a monster through a combination of attacks and spells, which is ideal for your own game style.

There are no random encounters in the dungeon, you can see monsters running around, or you can ambush them to dominate the battle. Of course, your character will also grow and learn new skills-you can also equip them with armour and weapons purchased in local stores. “Persona 5 Royal” here is completely different from other JRPGs. Because you are not wandering in the world of fantasy or science fiction, but studying and living in modern Tokyo. And, if you think everything is related to combat and action, you are wrong. Maybe that’s 50% of the game.\

The other 50% of your time is invested in “Persona 5 Royal” in the everyday life of the nameless main character as well as his classmates and colleagues like Ann, Ryuji and Makoto. You can also upgrade your character by carrying out various leisure activities. But don’t think it is “Yakuza”, you can take a hot bath, go to the restaurant or spend time on the NPC, but most of you will read the (well written) text.

The more time you spend with friends and other support roles, the closer the connection. This will turn off new features for you from time to time for example, it is more likely to persuade monsters to join you. You will meet illustrious characters, such as disillusioned politicians, teachers who work part-time as sexy cleaners to increase their salary, and doctors who like to experiment with drugs. Sometimes you can start a relationship. If you are polygamous, you can get a receipt at the end of the day.

Of course, the basic story of the game has remained the same: some students find that they can penetrate the subconscious of others to speak and manipulate. They soon claimed to be phantom thieves, specializing in stealing the hearts of corrupt people, which meant that the villains had to admit and regret their clamour. Here, “Persona 5 Royal” actually raised many exciting questions during the game, which inspired people’s thinking.

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Regarding how important free will is, when idealism can become authoritarian, the influence of social media also plays an important role in the historical process. Because phantom thieves have gathered followers with increasing popularity, everyone has ideas about how anti-heroes should proceed. Sometimes you will get new auxiliary tasks in this way.

“Persona 5 Royal” is full of decisions, but they are closely related to how you develop characters and their skills. However, this story is strictly linear. By the way, impatient players at the wrong address do n’t just have epic playtime: “Persona 5 Royal” wastes the player ’s time because you spend time developing characters and telling stories in many long stories. Of course, you must like that.

The same applies to the unique animation style and the high importance of daily life in Tokyo and Shujin Academy where major characters go to school. Technically, the game is still not great, but the artistic design is unquestionable. And the acid jazz soundtrack gets stuck in your ear canal with a lot of catchy songs even after playing as an earwig.
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Compared with the original game, “Persona 5 Royal” now not only provides optimized dungeons, new songs with soundtracks, new auxiliary characters and new dungeons but also provides a new playable main character: Kasumi Yoshizawa. The character appears in the early part of the story, but only joins Phantom Thieves late in the game. The NPC Takuto Maruki is a consultant hired by Shujin Academy and can have an exciting conversation with him. He also plays an important role.

During the battle, there are also new special moves and new collectables in the dungeon, as well as central-level monuments that you can visit to grind or perform auxiliary tasks. Collecting in a dungeon makes sense because if enough objects are found, new accessories that are particularly powerful can be created. Another new feature is the Thieves Den, which is the headquarters of the Phantom Thief, where you can play new card mini-games and display achievements.

Great: “Persona 5 Royal” is actually one step ahead of “Persona 5”, and the magnificent game does not bring a huge leap, but can grind to the smallest corners and edges. Since “Persona 5” is already very extensive, you must consider whether you have to spend too much time in the game, which is of course much more repeated than the original version. It was fun because of the innovations and I really have to recommend this ingenious JRPG to newcomers!

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