Nintendo Switch: Update to Firmware version 10.0.2 is released

Nintendo Switch: update to Firmware version 10.0.2 is released

With firmware version 10.0.0, Nintendo has distributed a truly excellent upgrade for the switch. Among the innovations was the ability to reassign buttons. Due to this update, it is possible to manually transfer data to a microSD card. After updating the patch to version 10.0.1, version 10.0.2 is now available for Nintendo Switch. There are general system stability improvements to improve user experience.

They also fixed an issue where the Nintendo Switch console with the system menu version 10.0.0 or 10.0.1 could not properly configure the new Nintendo Switch Pro controller, which sometimes led to incorrect joystick control. In this sense: a happy update!

Lets you push games to the SD card

Nintendo Switch owners can now expect the update again. The current release includes a feature that should undoubtedly interest one or the other. In addition to the new favourite news feature, downloaded games, DLC and software data can now be moved from internal memory to an SD card. The settings also have a new menu item, which can be found in the “Data Management” section. Unfortunately not included: estimates.

Lets you push games to the SD card

In addition to the new profile avatars from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can also assign different buttons to the controller in the latest version. The update is now available in the system settings.

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How to move the software to the microSD card

The main function shows that this is a really amazing update: downloaded games, DLC and software data can now be moved from internal memory to an SD card. The settings also have a new menu item, which can be found in the “Data Management” section. This, of course, raises the question of how the Nintendo Switch generally stores data. Usually, you are hardly worried about this.

Nintendo Switch memory is 32 GB. Of course, this quickly ends in a few games. Game save data is stored in the Nintendo Switch system memory. This applies to both card and downloadable software. So what happens if there is not enough space in the system memory for the memory data? Then you probably have to make room:

Downloadable software can be removed from system memory or transferred to a microSD card to free up space. Uninstalling the software does not affect the stored data.

After removal, the software can be downloaded again using the Nintendo account with which it was purchased.

If the microSD card is located in the console, downloaded or reloaded software is saved to the microSD card by default.

What is archiving? The titles of the downloaded software are deleted during archiving, but the software symbol in the Hint menu of the Nintendo switch and save statuses are retained. This creates free space. Players can download the software again by selecting the software icon on the HOME screen.

Previously, the console decided where the game was going, but now the user can update it to the version You will easily find the option “Transfer data between the console and the microSD card”.

According to the changelog for version 10.0.2, “downloadable software, update data and DLC” are supported. If you transfer data to a microSD card, you can select several games in the process, and this will show you how this step affects the memory of the card and the internal one. Of course, a good update for many, as it can save a lot of time.

Change button assignment

Nintendo has released a fairly large system update for the switch. Version 10.0.2 offers not only improvements but also obvious features. For example, data can be transferred manually to a microSD card, as we already described here.

Also very useful: controller buttons can now be reassigned. This option is available for both Joy-Con and Nintendo’s Pro Controller. To adjust the controller buttons manually, you don’t need much – of course, an update to version 10.0.2 of the Nintendo, Switch software must be provided. Then you can change the assignment as you would like directly in “Settings> Controller and sensors> Change button assignment”. A saved job can be saved as a favourite on Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite.

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