New Windows 10 20H2 Build: Cortana Update with New Features

New Windows 10 20H2 Build: Cortana Update with New Features

Microsoft has released another preview version of the Windows 10 feature update scheduled for fall. Windows Insider now gets build 19613.100. Microsoft is also launching an update for the Cortana application in other languages.

This update is now available to insiders at Fast Ring and fixes several issues reported by Windows insiders over the past few weeks. As usual, Brandon LeBlanc now reports all the changes to the Windows blog. Essentially, these are just improvements and bug fixes. No new features. The new build of Windows 10 under the number 19613.100.

Windows 10 20H2 Build Cortana update coming

According to Brandon Leblanc, Microsoft is now starting to release an important version of the application update 2.2004.1706.0 for Cortana. From now on, the group also launches new functions (query parameters) for the language assistant in other languages, including German. However, this does not mean that all insiders can immediately try out new features. Microsoft only gradually opens them to users; in our attempt, they were still absent today. New features include Bing answers and assistant conversations.

For example, you can ask about the weather or convert inches to centimetres. This is different from bug fixes that are immediately available to all users.

Bugs fixed

We fixed an issue that caused application icons on the taskbar to display incorrectly. The issue including the default setting for the .exe icon. This problem could also lead to some insiders having reliability issues with explorer.exe.

We fixed a problem that affected Windows Forms applications when the ImmSetOpenStatus () API incorrectly changed the IME mode when focusing on text fields when using new Japanese or Chinese IMEs.

We fixed a problem from the latest builds for insiders with multiple monitors. Due to which Visual Studio sometimes did not respond to clicks.

We fixed an issue that prevented the doskey/listize command from working.

We fixed an issue where the doskey/reinstall command ended a command-line session instead of reloading the doskey command.

We fixed a problem that could cause the settings to crash when deleting the font.

We fixed a problem that affected some users and could cause the Task Manager to always display 0 seconds for Recent BIOS time.

We have made some improvements to fix the main problem. Due to which some users may see a black screen for some time after logging in. If the problem persists, try pressing WIN + Shift + Ctrl + B and then register the feedback in the Feedback Hub.

Known Issues

We understand that Narrator and NVDA users looking for the latest version of Microsoft Edge Chrome. Users may find it difficult to navigate and read certain web content. Narrator, NVDA, and Edge teams are aware of these issues. Users of older versions of Microsoft Edge are not affected. NVAccess has released NVDA 2019.3. Which fixes a known issue with Edge.

We are currently reviewing update process reports. Which may freeze overtime when trying to install a new assembly.

We are investigating reports that the battery icon on the lock screen always looks almost discharged, regardless of the actual battery level.

We are examining reports about the IIS configuration that was installed by default after installing a new assembly. You will need to back up and restore the IIS configuration after successfully installing a new assembly.

Switching quickly between WSL distributions using File Explorer integration may cause a temporary access error. We have identified the cause of this problem and will soon post a fix.

We are reporting that some insiders have experienced unexpected freezes and error checks with the DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION error in recent builds.

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