iPhone SE is repairable but problems with the repair

iPhone SE is repairable but problems with the repair

The iPhone SE has been tested for maintainability and average ratings. On the plus side, the display and battery are fairly easy to replace. To do this, you need to overcome too many different types of screws for repair.

The teardown of the iPhone SE 2020

Apple may offer iPhone SE at a low price for the group. This is mainly due to the fact that the iPhone 8 is used almost without changes in the quality of the template and makes only some adjustments. The first analysis shows that there are a few changes inside.

Cheaper with multiple settings compared to the current smartphone

Compared to current smartphones with a wide forehead and chin and a large fingerprint scanner on the underside, the new iPhone SE does not look very timely – in the end, Apple almost completely adopted the design of the iPhone 8, released in 2017. At first glance, only the Apple logo on the back, which slipped in the middle. It indicates that this is a new device. The first dismantling now shows that as little as possible has been changed inside.

According to 9to5mac, the first video appeared on YouTube, disassembling the new iPhone SE in parallel with iPhone 8. This shows that the internal structure of the two models differs from each other only by a few points. As you know, Apple installed the new A13 chipset in the iPhone SE, but the device probably doesn’t quite do what is possible in the modern top-end smartphones of the group.

Apple iPhone SE is a real Frankenstein smartphone

The new cheap iPhone shows that Apple almost completely took up the creation of the iPhone 8 here. As iFixit now confirms in its maintainability test. This means that the iPhone 8 can serve as a distributor of spare parts for the new device. Therefore, repair specialists expect parts for the new model to be cheaper.

Four types of screws: iPhone SE is repairable, but unnecessarily difficult

Parts that can be exchanged between the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE include the Taptic Engine, the main speaker, the camera module and the display – here the new iPhone simply leaves a gap in the place of the 3D touch chip. Apple changes the connection for the battery. So it is not interchangeable between the two models. A “Frankenstein smartphone that Apple has put together from parts of previous models,” says iFixit’s conclusion.

Also problems with the repair

In addition to the fact that important components are compatible with the iPhone 8 and therefore will be easy and inexpensive to purchase. The repair technicians also find problems using the iPhone SE. Apple again relies on four different types of screws for this model. This would not be necessary for construction. So it can only be understood as a solution that makes repairs unnecessarily difficult. The IP67 seal also complicates the repair, but of course, it has its advantages. In addition, iFixit is worried about the glass back cover, where a replacement can only be resolved “impractically.” All of these factors lead to 6 out of 10 maintainability ratings.

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