iOS now has serious vulnerabilities: affecting 1 billion iOS users:

iOS now has serious vulnerabilities: affecting 1 billion iOS users:

iOS now has serious vulnerabilities: 500 million iPhone suffers! Apple domineering to fight back.

Last week, network security company ZecOps sent a shocking vulnerability, which has attracted the attention of many fans. After all, this is a vulnerability that can affect 1 billion Ios users (more than 500 million iPhones), and it is impossible for Apple to ignore it.

According to the vulnerability report released by the security company ZecOps at that time, when the iPhone or IPad opened a specially designed email on the Mail application, cyber attackers could exploit these vulnerabilities. ZecOps said in the report that this vulnerability has been used by “a senior threat operator” to carry out attacks. ZecOps said that among the users attacked by the network were “individuals from Fortune 500 companies in North America”, “senior executives from a Japanese airline” and “a journalist from Europe”.

Apple is refuting ZecOps’ claims. ZecOps said that Apple ’s software flaws provided the possibility for hackers to sneak into iPhones and other iOS devices, and this vulnerability has been around for a year. Apple launched an investigation and said in a statement that the Mail problem was not enough in itself to allow cyber attackers to bypass Apple’s built-in security mechanisms. At the same time, Apple added that it will release a patch soon.

Apple said: “We have thoroughly investigated the researcher’s report and concluded based on the information provided that these problems will not pose a direct risk to our users. The researchers found three problems in Mail, but These vulnerabilities alone are not enough for hackers to bypass the security protection of iPhone and iPad. At present, we have not found any evidence that they can be used to attack the privacy of Apple users. ”

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