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Huawei Nova 7 pro & Nova 7 SE mobile phone released: ultra-fast charging 40 watts.

Huawei nova7 pro & nova7 SE mobile phone release ultra-fast charging 40 watts.

Huawei nova7 pro and nova7 SE mobile phone release. Huawei nova7 pro has a front-facing 32-megapixel dual-focus camera. Huawei nova7 SE has a 40W super fast charge

In the evening of April 23, Huawei officially released the 5G series of nova7 mobile phones. The nova7 Pro is the flagship model of three mobile phones equipped with a 6.57-inch OLED display with a viewing angle of 70 °, a 5-degree Kirin 985 5C processor and a 64-megapixel periscope. Four shots, magnification up to 50x. Nova7 pro has an ultra-fast charging 40 watts.

In terms of appearance, the nova7 Pro mobile phone uses a 6.57-inch OLED screen and a 70-degree screen. This is the first time that the nova series has used this design. The curvature is 70 ° the thickness of the case is only 7.98 mm. The weight of the screen is 178 grams.

As for the screen, the nova7 Pro has a 2340×1080 screen resolution, 19.5: 9 ratio. It supports DCI-P3 colour gamut and has passed the Rhine Global Eye Care certification.

huawei nova7 pro

In terms of colour matching, nova7 Pro also has five colours: Qijing Forest, Midsummer Purple, Honey Red, Bright Black and No. 7. Among them, No. 7 Color, Midsummer Purple and Qijing Forest are three new colours.

Huawei nova 7 pro colour.JPG

In terms of hardware

In terms of hardware, the nova7 Pro uses the Kirin 985 processor. The manufactured using the 7-nm TSMC process technology. Huawei nova 7 pro receive a single-chip integrated 5G solution for the main frequency band without plug-ins, unified support for the 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G standard, dual NSA / SA 5G mode.  The downlink speed is 1277 Mb / s and the uplink speed is 173 Mb / s.

huawei nova 7 pro krin

Kirin 985 has an integrated eight-core processor. Which is divided into a large core, three medium-sized cores and four small cores, as well as a Mali-G77 octa-core graphics processor, dual-core NPU AI module and ISP 5.0 image module of the same Kirin 990 model. Nova 7 pros receive dual 5G cards, 5G noise reduction, 5G low latency, 5G power efficiency and 5G high-speed scene performance. The downlink speed increased by 41%, and uplink speed increased by 71%.

Huawei Nova 7 Pro Camera and front-facing photography,

For front-facing photography, the Nova7 Pro has a front-facing 32-megapixel autofocus camera + 8MP wide-angle cameras that support SLR BM3D noise reduction, eye tracking, attractive beauty, portrait super-night scene 3.0, wide-angle distortion correction and other functions. It can also focus quickly in low light, regardless of distance.

Huawei nova 7 pro front camera.JPG

As for the rear camera, the Nova7 Pro supports 64-megapixel zoom with four shots. Respectively, a 64-megapixel main camera + F / 1.7 aperture, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, an 8-megapixel telephoto lens with a periscope and a macro lens.

In terms of zoom capabilities, the Nova7 Pro supports 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom and up to 50x digital zoom. It supports dual-structure optical image stabilization (OIS) and AIS telephoto super image stabilization. Mobile phones can be converted to telescopes.

From a video point of view,

From a video point of view, nova7 Pro can also support video tracking, high-definition image stabilization. It can also support magical mirror-free video, which can be clearly captured at night.

In terms of video, the nova7 Pro rear four-camera supports dual-view front and rear video, 1080p dual-channel output. It also supports 15x rear zoom to discover new ways to shoot video.

Huawei nova 7 optical zoom.JPG

Huawei nova 7 pro Battery

As for the battery, the nova7 Pro is equipped with a large 4000 mAh battery that supports ultra-fast charging of 40 watts and fully charges the battery in 1 hour.

In terms of systems EMUI 10.1 system

In terms of systems, the nova7 Pro uses the EMUI 10.1 system. Which supports smooth calls, Huawei sharing and multi-screen interaction. It also supports NFC and Huawei wallets for the easy card and ticket coupon management.

Huawei nova7 SE mobile phone release. Nova7 SE has a 40W super fast charge

Huawei officially unveiled the new generation of nova series mobile phones. Which are mostly light and thin. Among them, the nova7 SE mobile phone is an average cup of three nova7. It is equipped with a Kirin 820 5G SoC processor, a 6.5-inch LCD screen, 40 watts of fast charging, 64-megapixel four-line.

As for the screen, the nova7 SE mobile phone uses a 6.5-inch LCD screen with a perforated full-screen design. The screen resolution of a nova7 SE is 2400 × 1080 and a screen ratio of 90.3%. It also supports side fingerprint recognition, power and fingerprints.

Huawei nova7 screen

In terms of appearance, nova7 SE has a thickness of 8.58 mm and weighs only 189 g. We can say that it is very thin and light when the current 5G mobile phone easily weighs 200 grams.

In terms of colour matching, nova7 SE has four colours: Silver Moon Star, Qijing Forest, Midsummer Purple and Magic Night Black.

huawei nova7 krin

In terms of hardware, the nova7 SE mobile phone uses the Kirin 820 processor. This is Huawei’s first Kirin 820 mobile phone, first launched on the Honor 30S. He will replace Kirin 810 and become the 7nm U god in the 5G era.

In terms of hardware, Kirin 820 is manufactured using 

Kirin 820 is manufactured using TSMC’s 7nm process technology. Combines the same baseband as Kirin 990 5G (derived from Barong 5000), with support for 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G multi-standard. Especially in 5G, it supports dual SA / NSA and the three main operators. Five frequency bands N1 / N3 / N41 / N78 / N79.

Kirin 820 combines eight processor cores, including the magic modification of the large core A76 2.36 GHz, three magic modifications of the middle core A76 2.22 GHz, four small cores A55 1.84 GHz. The performance of multi-core processors is 27% higher than that of Kirin 810, and the integrated six-core Mali processor -G57 GPU, performance increased by 38%, and also supports GPU Turbo, Kirin Gaming + 2.0 technology.

At the same time, the NPU module with self-developed architecture is integrated. And a single large core has a performance improvement of up to 73%. The experimental ETH for AI tests reaches 60834. Which is far ahead of friends.

The Kirin ISP 5.0 image processing module supports image noise reduction of the BM3D SLR, video domain noise reduction. The ISP bandwidth is increased by 15%, energy efficiency is increased by 15%. The photo noise reduction ability is increased by 30%. The video noise reduction ability is increased by 20%.

In terms of photography, the Nova7 SE has a front-facing 16-megapixel selfie lens. It supports portrait super night scenes and supports SLR noise reduction algorithms.

As for the rear, the Nova7 SE supports rear-mounted 64-megapixel four-frame shooting. It freely covers various shooting scenarios and supports 4K high-definition video shooting.


As for the battery, the nova7 SE is equipped with a large 4000 mAh battery. It supports ultra-fast charging of 40 W. It can charge 70% of energy in 30 minutes and fully charges in about 1 hour.

In addition, the nova7 SE mobile phone not only supports USB-C but also supports a 3.5 mm audio interface.

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