Google Play Store: New Bug force android users to updates repeat

Google playstore new bug

If new updates are available on the Google Play store, this does not mean that the new update is indeed published for the application. In some cases, the user will be prompted to download updates that have already been installed.

According to 9to5google, this should be a new bug. The error should have existed only for a few days. Since Sunday, many users have seen a long line with pending updates. The applications listed there were mainly developed by Google itself. In addition to services such as Google Docs and YouTube TV, third-party Android applications should also be found on the list.

Google playstore new bug

However, developers are unlikely to provide feature updates for their apps over the weekend. Further investigation then revealed that the pending updates are updates that were installed earlier. While some updates are only a few days old, other updates have been available for months. If the updates are downloaded a second time, the apps may reappear in the list of pending updates. Google has not yet officially commented on the problem.

Although this is an annoying mistake, most smartphone owners should not suffer. Reinstalling an update has flaws for only a few users. Since each time the application is downloaded, additional Internet traffic is generated. The users with a wholesale tariff should refuse automatic updates and only allow downloading via WiFi networks.

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