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Bill Gates plans to invest billions of dollars to develop 7 new coronavirus vaccines

Bill Gates plans to invest billions of dollars to develop 7 new coronavirus vaccines

Bill Gates plans to invest billions of dollars in the construction of a plant to develop seven new vaccines against the coronavirus

According to real-time statistics published by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, a total of 1.192 million confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia and 64316 deaths were confirmed. And the growth rate of the current epidemic is still at a rapid stage, and the sooner the vaccine appears, the faster it can be overcome.

April 5, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates recently confirmed that he plans to invest billions of dollars, funds will finance the creation of new factories dedicated to the development of seven different new candidate vaccines against coronavirus.

In response to the outbreak, Bill Gates began to research affordable vaccines and selected seven of them for further research. Bill Gates said: “Although in the end, we can choose only two of these vaccines, we will provide funding for all factories that design and manufacture seven vaccines, so we won’t waste time figuring out which vaccine is effective and then build the plant.”.

At the same time, Bill Gates also said: “We can spend billions of dollars on creating something that looks promising but has no practical effect. But in this case, even if economic losses of trillions of dollars are worth it. “”

In addition, at the end of last month, Bill Gates posted a column on his social network saying: “To put an end to this outbreak, we need a safe and effective vaccine. If we do everything right, we vaccine can be developed in less than 18 months, which is the fastest vaccine ever developed. But vaccine development completed only half the battle. To protect people in the United States and around the world, we also need Billions of vaccines have been produced. ”

The World Health Organization (WHO) is already working with dozens of companies to develop candidate vaccines, two of which have already been clinically tested in humans. And other pharmaceutical companies are also actively involved in research and development of vaccines.

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