Android to iOS transfer, The role of “King of Glory” is transferred: $13.98 fee

Android to iOS transfer, The role of "King of Glory" is transferred: $13.98 fee

King of Glory officially announced that King of Glory’s Cross System Roll Transfer service is about to open a limited test. At this time, customers can apply for a limited request at Kings Camp.

King of Glory said that after some summoners changed their phones. The original characters could not be used in the new phones due to a replacement system. But each character is cultivated by the recruit. Who spent a lot of time, not only investing energy but also emotionally connecting.

In response to the Summoner’s call, King of Glory has been actively conducting technical research and functional development, which is longer and more complex than expected. After a long period of joint technical debugging,

A role transfer service between systems should finally appear.

1. Service application address

Kings Camp Recording Page – Game Tools – Character Service Area (Entrance can be seen when the practical test is open)

2. Opening hours and quantity

The role transfer service for functional testing will open shortly. During the test period, the application’s daily qualification limit is applied. Check out the official website and the announcement of the King of Glory camp.

3. Service charge

Whenever you move a character, you are required to pay 990 glory coins

Glory Coin is a special payment currency of Kings Camp, and it is not worth the coupon. Students can recharge at King’s Camp ($0.14 = 10 deep coins)

4. Service processing time

After applying for the service, the character needs to move a large amount of game data. Which is expected to be completed within 24 hours. The user can check the progress in [Transfer Record] at any time. During role transfer, the source server role and the target server role will not be able to log on. After a successful transfer, the target zone server can play normally.

5. Role transfer requirements

Select a character to meet all of the following conditions.

1)  The transfer roll level should be at least 30 degrees

2) Registration time for transferring files characters must be> = 30 days

3) In the Roll Mailbox and Gift Center, there can be no mail without attachment (please submit all attachments over time)

4) The transfer of the role must end with the command (the reason is that these commands cannot be transferred through the systems)

5) The point voucher for the transfer role must be <= 20 (the reason is that the point voucher cannot be transferred to other systems. To ensure your benefit, send an application for intersystem transfer after using the point voucher)

6) The transferred role should not be in the team, or in the team there should be only one person

7) During the transfer of roles, exit the game and leave the account offline (after the request for the transfer of roles is successfully sent. It is expected that the system will perform automatic operations within 24 hours)

8) The time interval for transferring the same account (QQ or WeChat) from Android (Apple) to Apple (Android)> = 90 days

6. transfer target service requirements

The user can only select district services that can be moved through the system. District services that can be transferred are those that have not reached 90% of the registration limit (not all district services) and those that are not created by role. In a similar relationship between transition regions. Support the transfer of cooperation abroad.

  • Android Mobile Q iOS Mobile Q
  • iOS Mobile Q Android Mobile Q
  • Android WeChat iOS WeChat
  • iOS WeChat Android WeChat

7. Transmitted data

1) Tokens

  • Fame Points
  • Leather Fragments
  • Hero Fragments
  • Inscription Fragments
  • Blue Star Coins
  • Purple Coins with Stars
  • Gold Coins
  • Diamonds
  • Expedition Coins
  • War Coins
  • Military Command Coins

2) Resource categories:

Star parts/sets
Avatar frames
Individual actions
Fame broadcasts
Special effects for returning to the city
Broadcasting defeats
Trailing data
All the details in the backpack
Emulated military elves
Imitated military board

3) Data Experience: Qualifying historical season data: the highest rank of each season / commonly used heroes/king’s a mark/victory/win rate

Hero usage data: each hero’s usage times / heroic win rate/proficiency

4) Warning Data: the status of the military order (elite/advanced / collection) of the season. The level of the military order. the experience of the military order. The status of each award and the number of purchase restrictions for each product in the military order

5) Leaderboard data: Rating ratings are not transferred, and each leaderboard information will be transferred to a new area for re-rating

6) Super human-machine progress

7)Shopping centre data category:

  • The number of purchases of mall items
  • Points/diamond lucky value
  • Points/diamond treasure weekly cumulative treasure chest progress
  • Team shop number of purchases
  • Team shop number of purchases
  • Wish box cumulative number of treasure boxes and product prices,
  • The number of purchases and prices of Budo shops
  • The number of purchases and prices of expedition shops

8) Security data:

  • Title status
  • Time and limit of the health system
  • Ban status
  • Penalty record
  • Real name status

9) Setting data: Except for the content set according to the model (picture quality/particle quality), the rest of the content can be transferred

8. Non-transferable data

  • Ticket data
  • Game body data
  • Team data
  • Intimate data
  • Mentor data
  • Current ratings
  • Fan system data
  • Wishlist data
  • Equipment and time-limited activities and more Data.

9. issues requiring attention

We found out that after being transferred to the target zone service. It cannot be transferred back to the zone service before the transfer. But it can be transferred back to other suitable zone services. You need to carefully consider the summoner (for example, a summoner from the Android WeChat 2 area). After the transfer, you won’t be able to go back to the Android WeChat 2 area. But you can transfer it back to other Android WeChat services that meet the conditions).

After the migration to the target zone service. The system will randomly generate a completely new role name. After all the transfer roles have been moved to the target zone service to avoid transfer failure due to repeated role names. (Contains random letters and numbers). Mailbox gives you a renaming card, which can be renamed to your favourite nickname, please check it out.

Users who migrate Android to Apple, if they own Irene in the Android Zone. Users can use it even after migrating to Apple Zone. But they are not included in the ranking of the number of iOS heroes.

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