Windows 10: Microsoft releases impressive wallpaper sets

Windows 10: Microsoft releases impressive wallpaper sets

Microsoft has been releasing new wallpaper sets on a regular basis over the past few weeks to provide users with a wide range of desktop backgrounds. Now the Redmond company offers three more impressive packages for free download.

As the Twitter user “WalkingCat” notes, Microsoft recently added the three packages “Leafy Structures”, “Chilly Morning” and “Trains on Bridges Premium”. While the first theme should delight nature and art lovers, the last wallpaper set mainly gets railroad fans at their expense. “Chilly Morning”, on the other hand, attests to the cold season and contains pictures of a frosty landscape.


Up to 15 pictures in 4K resolution

All three packages each contain between ten and 15 different backgrounds that match the theme of the set. The images were saved in 4K so that the wallpapers are also suitable for high-resolution monitors. Of course, the images may only be used as desktop backgrounds and may not be used for commercial purposes.

After more than ten different wallpaper sets were released in November, the Redmond company released the eight packages “Animal Mothers 2”, “Panoramic Cityscapes”, “Sun and Sand”, “Explore the USA”, “River Delta” in December, “Light Trails”, “Painting in Light” and “Panoramic Train Views” released.

As usual, the new wallpaper sets can be downloaded from the official Microsoft Store. This is completely free of charge. After the download, the respective theme only needs to be selected in the system settings. Here you can determine which of the images contained in the package should be displayed as backgrounds.

Since some standard wallpapers were included with Windows 10, users can now choose from hundreds of “official” pictures for their desktop background.

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