Nintendo Switch Revision Hacking Tool Revealed In Action

Nintendo Switch Revision Hacking Tool Revealed In Action

Previously Nintendo Switch consoles were hacking. For this, SX OS utilities developed by the Team Xecutor team were used. It was just played and worked on the first revision of the gaming system.

In the second half of 2018, a console update was released, closing the gap, so that SX OS, the environment (free) and other utilities were out of work. The next day, however, a video appeared on YouTube showing the work of an already hacked Nintendo Switchlight. It is alleged that SX OS 3.0 was used for this. Watch the video below.

Team Xecutor announced that the release is being prepared in 2020, though they have announced a new product at the end of October this year.

It is not yet clear whether this method will be purely programmable or hybrid. Rumours suggest that it may be necessary to install an extra chip, which will be more difficult but it will provide a complete hack. It is also unclear whether the hack will only be available for Lite version, older version or both.

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