iPhone 11 will soon please photographers even more

iPhone 11 will soon please photographers even more

The smartphone will receive flash and strobe from third-party manufacturers

The iPhone 11 line has received excellent cameras, so many photographers use these smartphones, wanting to have a mobile tool at hand when their main cameras are not nearby.

As it became known, the line of smartphones iPhone 11 will soon receive a series of Apple-approved flashes from third-party manufacturers. All of them will get the “Made for iPhone” (MFi) label.

According to reports, Apple provided manufacturers with new technical specifications as part of a special event for developers, which will allow these companies to create flashes and strobe lights for MFi-certified mobile photography.


Instead of using Bluetooth and its weak capabilities, these accessories will synchronize with the shutter of the iPhone 11, connecting directly through the Lightning connector.

As for the timing of the appearance of these third-party accessories on the market, the manufacturers do not yet have permission to release, but it will appear soon.

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