Independence: Facebook is building its own operating system

User Name and Password of 267 million Facebook accounts Public on Internet

The social media group Facebook is by no means only relying on applications on the net – the company is also developing its own operating system. This is seen as a critical basis for future successful development.

Facebook has long been much more than the social network and some connected services. Own hardware also plays an increasingly important role in strategic planning in the company. This was already shown by the takeover of Oculus, the manufacturer of VR systems. And, albeit hesitantly, you always venture into other areas.

Andrew Bosworth, head of the group’s hardware division, told The Information magazine that you want to ensure that you always have a foot in the door for the next generation. And you don’t want to make the mistake of trusting that competitors will then already provide a software platform that you can rely on. “So we have to do it ourselves,” said Bosworth.

The old acquaintance on board

Facebook’s own system for video chats, portal, has been working with Android, for example. With the increasing importance of own hardware, you don’t want to be embarrassed to only be able to operate it depending on Google. And the Oculus systems need their own basis anyway since external products cannot be used here easily.

Therefore, you want to have your own development in the back that you have completely under your own control. Of course, this means that the build must be done from scratch on your own – even if components such as large parts of the kernel will certainly come from the open-source community. And the development of the platform was commissioned by Mark Lucovsky, whom some may still know as one of the leading minds behind the Microsoft operating system Windows NT.

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