Huawei P40 renderings exposed: the screen feels

Huawei P40 renderings exposed: the screen feels

Lately, there have been rumours about the Huawei P40, but most of them focus on mobile phone case films and general leaked pictures, for readers to have an intuitive sense of the new flagship of the year. It’s difficult.

For this reason, the 9Tech Eleven and Rodent 950, which broke news abroad, offered the Huawei P40 based on some leaked CAD files, which was an invitation for the eyes.

Huawei first image

From the picture, the Huawei P40 can be equipped with four curved screen design, not only the left and right sides, including the top and bottom screens will have a special arc. At the end of the border the iPhone X felt like four sides with the same width design; front double shots, hole openings for backwards rectangular 5 shots (including a periscope camera).

In the basic setting, the P40 Pro can be equipped with a Kirin 990 5G SOC. It uses the industry’s latest 7nm + EUV process and integrates 5G modems into the SoC for the first time. It is also the world’s first mobile terminal chip with over 10.3 billion transistors.

huawei p40 first image

More importantly, the P40 Pro will support SSA and NSA Dual Mode 5G, which will be the first 5G phones in the P series.

In addition, according to the usual practice, the P40 Pro can be tested for DxOMark, and it has not been ruled out that it will delete this list. The machine is expected to be unveiled in March next year.

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