Bug in iOS 13.3 allows children to circumvent parental restriction

Bug in iOS 13.3 allows children to circumvent parental restriction

Apple knows about the problem

In iOS 13.3, an opportunity has appeared that allows parents to restrict the communication of their children using a smartphone. The restriction is introduced in the Screen Time functions and applies to contacts in the smartphone, FaceTime, Messages and iCloud. According to the developers, in order to circumvent the restriction, you must enter the PIN code. However, it soon became clear that this was not necessary.

Bug in iOS

If contacts are not stored in iCloud by default, the specified function does not work. In other words, if iCloud is not installed as the default contact repository, and someone with an unknown number sends a message to the child, the child can add this number to the contacts. After adding with the specified number, you can chat in FaceTime or Messages without any restrictions. If the function worked correctly, the system would have to request a PIN code when a child tries to add a new number to his contacts.

Moreover, if a child uses the Apple Watch, the restriction can be circumvented by simply asking Siri to call or send a message by number. The watch will not even check whether this number is in the contacts or not.

Apple has already commented on the situation:

“This problem only occurs on devices configured with a non-standard configuration, and a workaround is possible. We are working on a full fix and will release it in the next software update. ”

The workaround mentioned is to change the default address book to iCloud.

There is currently a scope of work available that can prevent children from aggressive sanctions. To do this, change the default address book to iCloud.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Contacts
  3. Tap on Default Accounts
  4. Select iCloud, instead of any other service

If parents turn on their child’s iPhone or iPad periodically, it may also help to adjust communication restrictions.

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