Android: Bug crashes the latest version of the Google app

The latest update for the Google app contains an error that can cause the software to crash. With a certain search term, the app is closed after a short loading time without an error message. However, the Google Assistant is not affected by the problem.

A Reddit user found that the Android app always crashes when you ask for messages you’ve received so far. You can do this in English using the “my messages” instruction. Since similar queries containing the term “messages” also lead to a crash, the problem could be related to the word. However, the crash should not be caused on all smartphones.

google app

According to 9to5google, only the latest beta version 10.89.9 is affected by the bug. If you have already installed the update, you can reset the Google app to the factory settings via the system settings.

Google Assistant continues to work

Although the Google Assistant is also part of the app, the bug has no effect on the voice assistant. It is still possible to have newly received messages read out via the Assistant without causing a crash. So the problem seems to be the presentation of the information and not the implementation of the actual query, which takes place in the background.

So far, no workaround is known to avoid the crash when making a request in the app. However, users have the option of directly accessing the smartphone’s news app. In addition, all other queries that contain the word “messages” can be entered in the web version of the search or read out by the assistant.

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