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Ukraine vs Portugal 2 - 1 Ukraine beat Portugal and entered Euro 2020

The Ukrainian team defeated Portugal in their field in Kyiv and made it to the European Championship 2020

Portugal v Ukraine - UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifier : News Photo

Match over
The Ukrainian national team in the case, but in a very difficult match, outplayed the national team of Portugal and qualified for the Euro, but Cristiano Ronaldo and Co. still have to sweat. Thank you for being with us until we meet again. The broadcast was led by Alexander Sedov.
'90 +5
All! The match is over! Ukraine goes to the Euro!
'90 +5
Kovalenko finally receives a yellow card in a strange half of the field.
'90 +4
The last substitution is made by Shevchenko. Igor Plastun is changing Mikolenko.
'90 +3
Long shot Danilo Pereira - the crossbar!
'90 +3
Instant! Cristiano beat and Pepe finished off! In both cases, the ball somehow miraculously missed the goal!
'90 +2
Cristiano Ronaldo takes the ball in the box Ukraine. I do not agree, but it does not matter anymore - the referee whistled.
Portugal holds the ending in the Ukrainian half of the field, but can’t squeeze anything out of it.
Sepeda serves in the penalty area on the right in a Portuguese positional attack, but the canopy goes over the front. Cristiano threw up his hands.
Yarmolenko was in the box with the ball in the penalty area but did not find an option for a pass under attack.
Zinchenko is good. Today it works exclusively in defense, but it works without errors. He intercepted and took a lot of things. Like now.
Bruma moves to the centre from the left and hits due to a free-kick, but the Ukrainians block.
Great attack of Portugal, but the transfer of Rafael Guerreiro no one closed.
No assault yet. Even Ukrainians have a good ball.
Another blow to Cristiano - in place of Pyatov.
Cristiano Ronaldo hits at point-blank range - Pyatov in place.
Instead of Roman Yaremchuk, Viktor Kovalenko appeared on the field.
Cristiano Ronaldo from the penalty spot confidently scores his 95th goal in the national team of Ukraine. Intrigue! And Portugal in the majority!
PENALTIES IN THE GATE OF UKRAINE! Stepanenko blocked a shot, and the ball hit him first in the thigh, and then bounced into his hand! The second yellow and red cards! But in general, according to the rules, this is not a foul even ... Hmm!
In an acute Ukrainian counterattack, Malinowski launched Konoplyanka alone, but he did not have enough speed.
Yaremchuk brings his foot. He is helped by a partner. Need a replacement?
The last replacement in Portugal. Instead of João Mariu, Bruma appeared on the field.
A pause is now in the game. That is, the ball is rolled, but nothing happens.
Ruben Dias gave Yarmolenko in the fight for the horse in the face and received a well-deserved yellow card.
Eugene Konoplyanka enters the field instead of Marlos.
Nothing special for the guests. So far, without real prerequisites for the comeback, the game is going on.
Marlos rocked the defender at the corner of the box but eventually lost the ball.
Ukrainians kill the Portuguese impulse control in midfield. Moreover, in the second half, there were no blows even towards the gates of Patriciu, not to mention the alignment.
Instead of João Moutinho, a chic Sporting midfielder Bruno Fernandes appears on the field.
As expected, João Felix is replacing Gonçalo Gédesch.
Pepe and Danila Pereira together worked Yaremchuk. But it was in the middle of the field. Nevertheless, a pause is now in the hands of Ukrainians.
Another gorgeous blow to Cristiano - Pyatov drags!
Steps are measured, followed by a powerful blow, but not enough to the corner. Pyatov repulsed, and further events in the penalty area led to a goal kick - Malinovsky knocked out to Maria.
Malinowski shot down Cristiano Ronaldo, who beat him. A dangerous free-kick is scheduled.
Yarmolenko grabs Cristiano Ronaldo, who grabbed the ball in the center of the field after horse riding. Yellow card.
Ukraine begins with a long attack, in which, in the end, Malinowski, the finisher in the penalty area, was terminated.
Let's go! The second half started.
Well, Ukraine was stronger in the first half and scored two goals. And that's it. Let's see what happens in the second half. In the meantime, rest.
'45 +2
OK it's all over Now. The first half is over.
'45 +1
The referee added a minute to the first half.
Moment! Yaremchuk dragged the ball to the box in a quick attack with a numerical advantage. Passed Yarmolenko, who was one on one against Guerreiro already in the penalty area. He removed under the step-right and struck above the gate. This is the first strike of Ukrainians past the mark in today's match.
Moutinho takes the penalty kick from the standard from the depths, there is a bustle, and Danilo Pereira pushes the ball into the goal. But it is not dangerous. No one set up a foot or ahead, and Pyatov took it in his hands.
Long shot Cristiano - above the gate.
Now the game has moved to the Ukrainian half of the field. Zinchenko takes it away, Yarmolenko can not beat in the centre of the field ... But the Portuguese still do not enter the penalty area.
There is a feeling that the first half is slowly moving to its final. Teams start to finish the game?
To no avail, Portugal spuds someone else's free-kick. Ukrainians are sharper in counter-attacks.
Ronaldo continues to play partners. Now Bernard Silva was the addressee in the penalty area, but he didn’t do it well, and Matvienko put his back, and Pyatov took it.
Get used to the new realities of football, in which Ukraine is stronger than Portugal. Absolutely on the game! Although it can still change. But for this, guests need not squander their opportunities that arise, but not too often.
The corner draw ended in a shot by Danilo Pereira from an excellent position from the free-kick line above the goal!
Drags Pyatov! Cristiano Ronaldo with his heel in the penalty area put in jealousy of João Mariu, who shot in touch from the bottom into the far corner. Pyatov repulsed, and Karavaev judiciously sent the ball to the corner.
Here you go. Mikolenko moves with the ball to the left and cuts a cool pass from the bottom into the penalty box to the penalty spot, from where Yarmolenko runs into the net into touch!
Taras Stepanenko gave Moutnya his legs in the back and received the first yellow card in the match. Will miss the match with Serbia.
The Portuguese seem to have more control over the ball. but the game is rather in their half of the field now.
Joao Felix sadly watches all this from the bench. Atletico's 126-million forward / midfielder is likely to appear in the second half. With a high degree of probability instead of Ganesh.
The team of Ukraine is very strong. Portugal controls the ball but does not control the game at all.
It was very dangerous in goalkeeper Ukraine, but there was a foul to Ronaldo in the attack. He pushed the defender back with his hands, then the ball hit him in the chest and flew on target, but was made. Foul in the attack is fixed.
Submission, a fight in the penalty area between João Mario and Malinowski, as a result of picking from the summer past the gate hits Guerreira. Malinovsky believes that he was a foul.
Semedu's breakthrough into the Ukrainian penalty area ends with Stepanenko sending the ball to the corner. His Portuguese play, and as a result, Bernardo Silva delivers from the front almost out of the box. Yarmolenko knocks out to another corner.
Yarmolenko twists and turns on the flank near the front, but is forced to pass back, and now the Ukrainians are attacking positionally.
The Portuguese corner didn’t lead to anything, but in the end the Ukrainians just made the ball. Again, the guests control the territory and prepare a positional attack.
Ronaldo does the same. The ball flies into the far corner, but Yaremchuk turns his head, and the shell goes to the corner. Well, the Ukrainian striker is in an easy knockdown.
Another foul on the part of Mikolenko. Again on the side of the box. Almost at the same point. He cut down the Muscovite railwayman João Mario.
After a quick attack, Bernard Silva was shot from the right flank, but Alexander Zinchenko, his teammate for Man City, blocked the pitch.
The Portuguese are slowly preparing an answer. They took the ball under control.
Marlos's delivery from the corner of the field, a header by Sergey Krivtsov, which Rui Patriciu dragged, having managed to fold, but the forward who came forward “Genka” Roman Yaremchuk hammered into the empty net.
Ukrainians respond with an attack in which Yaremchuk, shooting from the front, earned a corner.
Either hit, or loaded onto the gate, Danila Pereira tweaked the ball there, and he flew higher. But it was dangerous.
Ganesh goes to the stroke at the corner of the box, and Mikolenko fouls, although the Ukrainian himself strongly disagrees. Cristiano at the ball.
Yaremchuk delivers the first blow in the match after a penetrating pass Malinowski, but the ball rolls into the hands of Ruy Patriciu.
Let's go! The match has begun.
A very interesting nuance: seven out of ten field players of the Ukrainian national team are left-handed! The entire midline and flanks of attack. Well, the left-back and one of the central.
The match is served by a British referee team led by Anthony Taylor.
The Portuguese national team plays today from the first minutes in this composition:
Rui Patricio - Cemedu, Ruben Diaz, Pepe, Raffael Guerreiro - João Moutinho, Danila Pereira, João Mario - Bernardo Silva, Gonçalo Gédes, Cristiano Ronaldo.
9:30 p.m.
So, the lineups. The national team of Ukraine will enter the field in the following combination:
Pyatov - Karavaev, Krivtsov, Matvienko, Mikolenko - Stepanenko, Zinchenko, Malinovsky - Yarmolenko, Marlos, Yaremchuk.
Position in group B is as follows: Ukraine is a confident leader with 16 points, while the Portuguese are second with 11 points. But there is a nuance - the team of Andriy Shevchenko spent six matches, while the wards of Fernando Santos - five. So if Cristiano Ronaldo and the company win today, they will become the group's favorites. In any case, both teams will probably enter the Euro - with Serbia, the third, 7 points after five meetings.
The match will begin at 21.45 Moscow time.
The national team of Ukraine takes Portugal in the qualifying match for the 2020 European Championship. Together with you, the game will be monitored by Alexander Sedov.

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