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Dynamo M - Krasnodar 1: 1 They honored the memory of Yashin: Krasnodar achieved a draw with Dynamo

Dynamo M - Krasnodar 1: 1 They honored the memory of Yashin: Krasnodar achieved a draw with Dynamo

In the 13th round match of the Russian Premier League, Dynamo tied with one of the championship leaders, Krasnodar. This meeting was dedicated to the upcoming 90th birthday of the legendary goalkeeper of blue and white and the best goalkeeper of the XX century Lev Yashin.

13th round |   October 20, 19:00   | FINISHED
1: 1

Stadium "VTB Arena - Central Dynamo Stadium. Lev Yashin", Moscow Referee: Mikhail Vilkov (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)

The acting coach of Dynamo Kirill Novikov should be happy. In the first match, under his leadership, the team demonstrated solid football, not allowing Krasnodar to “carry” themselves on the lawn and making a powerful opponent pretty nervous about their counterattacks.
'90 +5
What can I say, the teams great honoured the memory of Lev Yashin with a real battle on the field? Although some intentional rudeness and dirty tricks, fortunately, were not. The referee decided to strictly keep the players within the bounds of decency, distributing as many as eight yellow cards: three - black-green, five - white-blue.
'90 +5
Dynamo is gaining 11 points following this meeting and remains in the penultimate, 15th place in the RPL table. This means that if the championship ended right now, the blue and white would fly to the second strongest division. Nevertheless, the game that the players demonstrated in this match was really impressive -, especially in the second half. There was not only a disciplined defence, but also a lot of very bold attacks. I want to believe that now the legendary team will cease to be in a fever, and it will again become one of the most powerful football forces in the capital.
'90 +5
After this match, Krasnodar is gaining 27 points and is in third place in the Premier League table. Ahead of him are Lokomotiv and Zenit, which each have 29 points.
'90 +5
The final whistle! In a match dedicated to the upcoming 90th birthday of the legendary Lev Yashin, Dynamo tied (1: 1) with a very difficult opponent - Krasnodar. Moreover, the blue and white opened the scoring in the third minute - from the penalty area shot Grigory Morozov, who before the match was awarded a commemorative T-shirt for 100 matches held as part of Dynamo.
At the 35th minute, the “bulls” evened the score thanks to an aimed hit by the head of Alexander Martynovich after a corner kick.
In the second half, the teams exchanged a bunch of moments, Dynamo sharply added to the attack compared to the first 45 minutes - in general, football was really bright, only goals were not enough.
In any case, many thanks to the teams for their dedication and sparkling game!
'90 +5
Fernandes served in the penalty area, but the blue and white knocked out a shell! On the selection again, “Krasnodar”, and Fernandes hung. The ball went first to Spain, and then to Cabore, but none of them managed to deliver an accented hit, and as a result, the ball flew softly into the goalkeeper's hands!
'90 +4
Krasnodar earned a corner - perhaps the last in the match.
'90 +3
Spain leaves the field, limping. Again, some health problems. Krasnodar is still in the minority.
'90 +2
Morozov struck heavily at the gates of Krasnodar, but Kambolov selflessly spread out on the lawn and took a hit on himself.
'90 +1
Four minutes offset by the main time of the match.
Fernandes made a cross from the corner into the goalkeeper, the ball ricocheted off someone’s foot toward the goal, but Shunin fixed the shell in a beautiful jump!
Ari hung in the penalty area, Utkin tried to punch his head but lost the air duel to the Dynamo defender, who knocked the ball into the field.
Shapi receives a yellow card for unnecessary aggression against a judge. The player did not like that the referee decided to stop the match because Rausch was on the lawn after afoul of one of Krasnodar.
And now Fernandes tried to distinguish himself with a long-range strike - the ball flew a meter above the crossbar.
Shapi struck into the near corner from the penalty area, but it turned out inaccurately - the ball licked the net from the outside.
Villena very powerfully struck from a distance in the lower-left corner, but Shunin proved himself to be a good fellow too, tightly picking up the ball!
Shapi inflicted a tricky blow from the penalty area - down past the “wall”. The ball went on target, but Shunin managed to react and fix the projectile in his hands.
Substitution in Dynamo: Midfielder Miguel Cardozo left instead of Szymanski
Shapi earned a dangerous free kick on the penalty line! Rausch made him a bandwagon, for which he received a yellow card.
Speech landed very unpleasantly on his back after riding for the ball. Doctors take him out of the field. But Krasnodar has no more replacements ...
Substitution in Dynamo: young defender Roman Evgeniev comes out instead of Rykov, who has health problems.
Wow! How did Igbun not score? Blue and white intercepted the ball right near someone else's penalty area, and Sylvester tried to quickly push it into the near corner, but there was a little lack of accuracy - the shell flew near the barbell!
Substitution in the “Krasnodar”: midfielder Daniil Utkin comes out instead of striker Marcus Berg.
Moment! After the pass, the Dynamo player hit with a header from someone else's goalkeeper, but the ball flew above the goal!
Dangerous! First, “Krasnodar” struck several blows from the penalty area, but the defence managed to block these attempts. Then Dynamo dashed off to the counterattack, where Hiljemark hung it cool in the penalty area, and Neustedter hit in the summer! The ball flew to the lower right corner, but Safonov knocked to the side!
Substitution in the “Krasnodar”: midfielder Ruslan Kambolov goes instead of Christopher Olsson.
Roman Neustedter firmly drove spikes into Ari's leg, for which he received a yellow card.
Dynamo players as hosts play very coolly in the attack these minutes - they are constantly loading feeds into someone else's penalty area, shoot, trying to hit from different distances. “Krasnodar” is trying to intercept the ball, but nothing comes of it: “Dynamo” always appears on the selection.
Blue and white took away the ball in a strange half of the field, quickly delivered it to the penalty area, where Igbun decided to break through the round into the far “nine”, but it turned out too much and higher than the alignment.
It is curious that in the second half Dynamo is superior to Krasnodar in terms of the number of shots - 5-1.
Substitution in Krasnodar: Manuel Fernandes left instead of Younes Namli.
Shapi handed out candy to Ari, who had already flown into the goalkeeper, but then he firmly placed the Corps of Ordets, knocking the attacker down. The arbiter considered that everything was according to the rules.
At the stadium, more than 15 thousand today - not bad for Dynamo!
Villena decided to try her luck and breakthrough from a very long distance. The ball flew into the target, but not under the crossbar or into the “nine”, but at a height quite convenient for the goalkeeper, so he caught the projectile without problems.
Cable continues to draw all his attention. The midfielder had just knocked the opponent down, and the stands of the Krasnodar fans buzzed with displeasure - the player could get a second yellow card. However, the judge has forgiven.
Wow! Morozov very accurately threw the ball into the penalty box of “Krasnodar” right on Ordets, who was not even looked after by the defenders, but he was confused by such luck and could not really handle the ball, allowing him to gallop outside the penalty area.
Cabore has earned a foul and is now about to hang in a penalty area from 30 meters away.
“Krasnodar” earned a corner, Shapi hung on the far post but failed to score, as in the first half. Blue and white knocked the ball out.
Younes Namli showed a magnificent pass on individual skills, leaving a couple of defenders in the fools and bursting from the left flank into the Dynamo penalty box. However, then Neustedter and Morozov squeezed him together and took the ball without breaking the rules.
Substitution in Dynamo: instead of striker Cyril Panchenko, Swedish midfielder Oscar Hiljemark comes out.
Oh, it was very tough ... Cable stepped so hard on Shapi's leg from behind that the boot fell off his leg and his leggings broke. So you could cause serious injury. Cable receives a yellow card.
Szymanski was trying to open a long throw on the offside line, but the Dynamo defenders turned out to be trickier and caught him offside.
Panchenko hung from the corner exactly on the defender Ivan Ordets, and he hit his head, but inaccurately - the ball flew far from the alignment.
Dangerous! Panchenko got the ball in near someone else's penalty area after a magnificent long pass from Szymanski, burst in and shot, but the ball ricocheted from the defender to the corner.
Cable broke the rules in midfield, and the ball was again in Krasnodar.
Blue and white organized a good sortie into someone else's penalty area, but the “bulls” were so tightly placed there that they couldn’t get to the shock position. As a result, Neustedter decided to strongly break from the penalty but charged somewhere in the stands.
Dynamo prudently owns the ball in their half of the field. Berg alone is trying to pressure, but so far without success.
The second half has begun! We are waiting for more goals.
'45 +1
The whistle sends commands for a break! In the first half, we saw two goals: already in the third minute, Grigory Morozov scored after the catastrophic failure of the “bulls” in defence, and on the 35th Alexander Martynovich equalized with his head after a corner kick.
Also, the judge gave out as many as four yellow cards (two for each team), showing that he would not tolerate a rough game.
It is very interesting to see how events will develop in the second half. In the meantime, relax!
'45 +1
Dynamo defender Vladimir Rykov receives a yellow card for a foul on Shapi, who was trying to disperse the Krasnodar counterattack.
Dynamo organized the final pressure in a strange half of the field and over and over again forces opponents out of harm's way out of the ball. However, the blue-and-white will not create their own dangerous moment.
In the stands, you can hear “Forward, bulls!” At the stadium, there are not only numerous Dynamo fans.
Villena broke the rules at Neustedter by crashing into him from the back. Curiously, on fouls, Krasnodar is now ahead of Dynamo - eight against four.
“Krasnodar” skillfully takes advantage of the emerging zones in the defensive ranks of the opponent. Every now and then you can see powerful lumbago in the penalty area, which can at any moment ricochet on the target or on the corner from someone else's foot.
The game has changed a bit. Dynamo has become more active in the attack, more often trying to go ahead and come up with something, although so far without much success. But looking at it is more interesting.
The canopy from the corner went to the near post, and the bulls easily knocked the ball into the field.
Dynamo has earned a corner! Can the blue and white respond with their goal from the “standard”?
GOOOOOOL !!! Krasnodar compares the score! The goal is scored by team captain Alexander Martynovich, who perfectly adapted to the ball after a cross from the corner. He managed to get right into the distant "nine". 1: 1!
And now the Dynamo striker Igbun has been punished with a “mustard plaster” - he put his elbow while riding for the ball and drove into Stotsky.
Berg receives a yellow card for swearing in the direction of the referee. The Swede was extremely unhappy that the judge saw some kind of violation and stopped the black-green attack.
The first corner of the blue and white in the match didn’t lead to anything: the pitch turned right into the hands of the goalkeeper.
Dynamo got into a dangerous counterattack! Szymanski and Panchenko fled two to two, but Cyril, already breaking into the penalty area, let go of the ball too far from himself and allowed Martynovich to take him away. True, the defender of “Krasnodar” did not calculate the force a bit and missed the shell on the corner.
“Krasnodar” began to play in a strange half of the field, arranging a beautiful pass near the penalty area, and Cabor knocked the ball out from under the foot of one of the black-green ones.
Wow, Shapi again decided to check his gun, properly charging from the penalty line! But it turned out above the gate. The best scorer of “Krasnodar” in this championship will not set its sights in any way.
The answer from Krasnodar! Berg got the ball near someone else's penalty area after a long throw, immediately burst in and prepared to strike, but Rykov managed to wedge between him and the ball, provoking a violation on himself. The projectile passes Dynamo.
Moment! Panchenko suddenly took the ball in an alien half of the field, then immediately gave it to Igbun, who instantly flew into someone else's penalty area and rolled under attack to his partner, but he struck right into the defender!
Stotsky and Szymanski clashed hard in midfield, so both needed the help of doctors. Fortunately, the players did not receive serious damage, and the match resumes with their participation.
See what a cool performance Dynamo fans have done in honour of Yashin’s upcoming anniversary.
Dynamo once and for all got the ball and tried to organize a quick counterattack, but the black-and-green managed to return to their half of the field in no time. As a result, the blue and white were content with a long-range strike - inaccurate.
The yellow card goes to the defender of “Krasnodar” Urosh Spaich, who grabbed his hand and knocked down the forward of Dynamo Sylvester Igbun!
“Krasnodar” ran out of steam after numerous attacks and decided to act with long casts. So far, unsuccessful - the shell goes to the Dynamo goalkeeper.
Shapi struck in the summer on goal Dynamo! The ball went to the young striker after his partner tried to send the projectile to the goalkeeper with a parachutist, but the defense blocked this throw. As a result, the ball bounced to Shapi, but his shot turned out to be higher than the target.
“Dynamo” finally said goodbye to the ball and calmly kept in their half of the field, apparently already in the mood to defend the score 1-0. It’s a pity, it’s only the 13th minute.
Dangerous! Black and green quickly and beautifully disposed of the ball: Shapi passed the penalty from the edge of the run-in to Berg, who punched him powerfully into the near corner, but Shunin managed to land and repel the blow!
“Krasnodar” again completely controls the ball and quickly gets to someone else's penalty, but it’s impossible to get inside. Younes Namli just tried to break the penalty but hit the defender.
The Bulls laid siege to someone else's penalty area and rolled the ball along for a long time, but Magomed Shapi-Suleymanov made a not-so-good pass to Tonni de Vilhena, and the Dynamo defenders took the ball away.
“Krasnodar” took possession of the ball and now calmly controls it in midfield. Dynamo carefully covers the zone for a sharp pass.
Roman Neustedter fell in midfield after Ari's go-ahead and continues to lie for a long time. “Krasnodar” nobly knocked out the ball, and doctors have the opportunity to examine the victim.
GOOOOOOL !!! Dynamo opens an account very quickly! Grigory Morozov distinguished himself, conducting his hundredth-anniversary match in the composition of white and blue. Rausch scored on the left flank, hung in the penalty area of ​​“Krasnodar”, the ball went to Morozov, and on the second attempt without any resistance sent the shell into the net. The Bulls simply failed in defence. 1-0!
“Krasnodar” made the first interesting attack: there was a long throw from the centre of the field into the Dynamo penalty area, where Ari didn’t have enough time for the ball - the goalkeeper took it in his hands.
Teams are actively fighting for the ball, which now and then flies from one half of the field to the other.
The match has begun! We are waiting for the sparkling game and goals!
The youngest heir to Lev Yashin dealt a symbolic blow to the ball!
Yashin's daughter Irina is also present at the game!
Goalkeepers of the teams - Anton Shunin and Matvey Safonov - put on their caps to repeat Yashin's corporate identity! Very nice gesture.
This game will be special for Dynamo for two reasons. First, the team will enter the match for the first time without Dmitry Khokhlov, who was dismissed from his post as head coach on October 5 for unsatisfactory results. Kirill Novikov has been appointed acting.
Secondly, at this match, the blue and white will celebrate in advance the upcoming 90th anniversary of the birth of their legend - goalkeeper Lev Yashin (he was born on October 22).
Today, before the meeting, a ceremony of laying flowers at the monument to the legendary goalkeeper near the Dynamo stadium has already been held.
🕖 19:00
📺 @matchpremier
Большая праздничная программа в честь 90-летия со дня рождения Льва Яшина, новый игровой облик команды, прекрасная погода - поводов быть в Петровском парке достаточно! Динамовцы, нам нужна ваша поддержка💙
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At the moment, “Krasnodar” with 26 points takes fourth place in the table of the Russian Premier League, and “Dynamo” with ten points in the asset is only on the 15th - in the relegation zone from the top division.
The starting line-up of Krasnodar: Safonov, Petrov, Martynovich, Spanish, Stotsky, Olsson, Namli, de Vilena, Ari, Suleimanov, Berg.
💥 Старт «Краснодара» 👇🏻

В запасе у «быков»: Крицюк (В), Фьолусон, Камболов, Марков, Уткин, Фернандеш.

Начинаем в 19:00! Прямой эфир на "Матч! Премьер".
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The match will begin at 19.00 Moscow time.
Dynamo Moscow in the first match after Dmitry Khokhlov’s resignation receives Krasnodar as part of the 13th round of the RPL. Together with you, the game will be watched by Elvira Ondar.
Впервые на обновленной арене московского "Динамо" 😉 Уютненько 😎 Еще и старых знакомых много 🤝

Через час начнем игру!
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