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Sheffield United - Crystal Palace Sheffield defeated Crystal Palace

In the second round match, Sheffield United defeated Crystal Palace. The meeting ended 1-0 in favour of the home team.

 Sheffield United - Crystal Palace Sheffield defeated Crystal Palace

Match over
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Match over
And that’s all! The final whistle sounds, signalling the victory of Sheffield United! The only goal in the 47th minute was marked by John Landstrom. Sheffield's first win of the season.
'90 +7
The omnipresent Ward was on the left flank of the attack. And he just raised his head to find the addressee in the penalty area, as the ball was literally taken from under his nose.
'90 +6
It could be dangerous! Van Anholt threw the ball at Schlupp, he just had to break through on goal. But the blow came out very weak, Henderson easily caught the ball.
'90 +5
Benteke tries to somehow catch on the ball from someone else's penalty, but in vain. A failed match for Christian today. The mass of lost martial arts. I was remembered with just one hit at the beginning of the first half.
'90 +4
The hosts were unable to squeeze something out of this “standard” and gave the ball to Crystal Palace.
'90 +3
McBurney walked with the ball to someone else's corner of the field, held the ball there, and then completely earned a corner for his team.
'90 +2
Guests have time to get away from defeat. The real bulk began on someone else's penalty area, but the Sheffield players defended the whole match well, so now there are no problems.
'90 +1
There were stops. Including assisted Townsend, solved the episode with Baldock and McCarthy. Plus a goal and a substitution. So he counted seven minutes Kut.
The referee adds seven minutes to the regular time of the match. Not bad.
Replacement at Sheffield. Phil Jagielka stepped out instead of McGoldrick.
Zaha skillfully removed the feints of the two defenders and entered the penalty area, but Stevens connected in time and took the ball from the striker. And then he forced Wilfrid to foul.
And now Ward is already playing very dangerous. He lifted his leg very high and almost hit Macbarney's face. But the referee believes that there was no dangerous game, everything is within the rules.
Freeman played unsuccessfully in the tackle, cutting Ward straight leg. Merited yellow card.
Again McBurney was the first to respond to serve, but struck far above the gate. Yes, and not much.
Schupp played in front of his free hand. Foul captures linesman.
Another replacement for guests. Connor Wickham stepped out instead of MacArthur.
Dangerously! McBurney broke away from the defender and responded to the pitch from the corner of the field, breaking under the crossbar. The ball seems to have hit Schlupp and flew out of bounds. But the referee points out “from the gate”.
Once again, Ward is forced to join the game. Freeman struck from afar, the Crystal Palace defender set up his knee, from which the ball flew to the corner.
McGoldrick almost twisted two defenders at the corner of the field, but Ward at the last moment took the ball away from Sheffield striker.
The game is already growing into some kind of slaughter. Milivoevich toppled Norwood. The Serb needs to be careful, not the first time already foully fouls, but so far without yellow.
McCarthy, by the way, is also punished yellow for unsportsmanlike behavior. He did not accept an apology from Baldock.
Uh, Baldock frankly hit McCarthy in the legs. Sheffield defender went straight at the Irish, but the referee forgave him. He showed a yellow card. Even a Crystal Palace fan was ready to avenge his football player and nearly broke into the field. But he was seized by the stewards in time and taken to the under-stands.
Dangerously! O'Connell famously played in the selection and powerfully shot into the near corner. Guaita barely managed to move and jump for the ball, moving it to the corner.
The second replacement is Crystal Palace. Townsend still leaves the field, James McCarthy comes out instead.
Norwood made a cool cutting diagonal on the move Baldoku. Even a few meters and he would have time before the ball. But the field still ended.
Milivoevich rudely fouls against Basham, hitting him on the knee from behind. But Kut does without a "mustard plaster" for the Serb, although one could have handed yellow.
But Hodgson still makes a substitution and releases on the field of Jeffrey Schlupp instead of Meyer.
No, Townsend will continue the game. The only thing he changed was a T-shirt, which was all in the blood.
Replacing Roy Hodgson. It is not known just yet whether he will change Townsend or whether he will remove someone else from the field.
Apparently, Townsend received an eyebrow dissection. Doctors help him.
Freeman accidentally kicked Townsend in the face. The Sheffield midfielder had hardly hit his counterpart from London. Holding on to the face of the "ten" Crystal Palace.
Guaita was a little bewildered when exiting the gate at the corner. The ball miraculously did not fly into the goal, the guests are now lucky.
Barely out to the alien half of the field, the players of Crystal Palace. MacArthur tried to transfer the ball to the left flank, where there was one van Anholt. But the defender could not transfer the 18th number of guests.
Landstrom joined the attack on the right flank but did not have time for the transfer, losing the ball over the sideline. It is hard for guests now. The ball does not reach the attackers at all. Zaha has to go down to the centre of the field in order to somehow interact with teammates.
Replacement at Sheffield. Robinson received minor muscle damage, and Oliver McBarney entered the field instead.
And again Tausend, and again rebounds from the defender! But this time, the ball flies right into Hendersen’s hands. By the way, the game has a Southgate. The coach of England is watching, including the Sheffield goalkeeper.
Wow, it's dangerous! Milivoevich thought to break through from a distance but decided to pass on Tausenda. He had already decided on a cunning blow to the far lower corner. The ball still touched the back of the defender and slightly changed direction. Henderson in a jump with difficulty pulled him out of the corner!
Milivojevic filed a penalty kick, Dunn won the fight and made a discount in the direction of Zach. He did not have time for the ball.
Egan powerfully stabbed Wilfirid Zach in the legs. The referee could safely punish the Sheffield defender with a yellow card, but he managed with an oral warning.
Encouraged a goal scored by the home team. Continue to poke on someone else's penalty area, “Crystal Palace” can only fight back.
McGoldrick connected Freeman to the attack, who burst into the penalty area from the left flank, beating two defenders. It turned out either a hit or a cross, but Guyta unsuccessfully hit the ball in front of him. The selection was Landstrom, who shot already empty gates from six meters! 1-0.
GOAL! Sheffield opens an account!
Started the second half.
'45 +3
And that’s all. The teams could not come up with anything in the added time. The break is 0-0.
'45 +2
He easily won the riding ball against Egan, and Freeman decided to help his partner. Foul in the end on Christian.
'45 +1
The referee added three minutes to the main time of the first half.
Zaha twisted two defenders on the right flank near the front, he tried to beat Norwood, but unsuccessfully. However, the ball remained with the striker, forcing the Sheffield captain to break the rules.
Baldock collided with Tausend. The Sheffield defender is lying on the lawn and points out that the Crystal Palace midfielder put him a block in violation of the rules. However, the judge commits a foul in the opposite direction. The repeat shows how Baldock nearly flew into the legs behind the midfielder of the guests.
Moment! The guests on the left edge failed, followed by a backache into the goalkeeper, Kelly passed the ball past him, and as a result, McGoldrick was already shooting Guaita’s gates. Goalkeeper Crystal Palace reacted to a striker striking and hit the ball. It was very dangerous now!
Once again, Stevens stagnated with the ball on the left flank when the guests had already managed to return to the defense. As a result, he played on Norwood, and he, seeing O'Connell's opening, immediately made a transfer to him on the move. The Englishman missed the ball in the simplest situation.
At the end of the half, United players were completely emboldened. Now the Crystal Palace defense is being pressed with great force, leaving five players in the alien half of the field.
Now the hosts tried to play the attack on the left flank. Stevens was brought in with the ball and eventually rolled back to O'Connell. He missed the ball over the field line. Sheffield defender is presenting to his teammate, who made a pass to the fight.
Baldock and Landstrom played a combination on the right flank on the third. Oliver Norwood ruined everything, sending the ball over to the side.
Players earned a free-kick at Crystal Palace 35 meters from the home side. Milivoevich decided to break through, but hit the “wall”.
Zaha saw Benteke’s connection and tried to transfer to the Belgian against the move. But Wilfrid was surrounded at once by three Sheffield defenders, blocking the pass of the forward of visitors.
Robinson played a rebound and instantly shot on goal. Very inaccurate, the ball flew far above the goal.
Baldock made a mistake on the right flank of the attack. I wanted to playback on my own, but the transfer was very inaccurate. The Sheffield defender had hardly brought a dangerous counterattack to his own goal, and as a result, he returned the ball to his team in a tackle.
The hosts look very solid, by the way, in the first home game of the Premier League season. Even in moments superior to their rivals. 7 shots in the direction of the goal from Sheffield against one at Crystal Palace. True, the hosts have never hit the target.
The forced replacement of the hosts in the middle of the first half. Luke Freeman stepped out instead of Fleck.
Fleck is forced to leave the field. Sheffield midfielder was injured and the game cannot continue.
It could be dangerous! The hosts played cunningly. A pass went down to O'Connell, and he suddenly struck into the near corner. Guite has already played, but Jack's teammate, Callum Robinson, stood in the way of the ball.
Ward is very active today. Basically, the hosts are trying to attack the right flank, because all the attacking forces go exactly to the Crystal Palace defender.
Dangerously! Players of Sheffield piled up on other people's gates. Stevens played on the selection and powerfully struck outright. Ward took the hit and blocked it. Although the ball hit the hand. But the hand was pressed to the body, because the arbitrator did not record a violation of the rules.
Robinson tried to escape in a counterattack, but Meyer stopped him. And not by the rules, holding the Irish for a T-shirt. The referee dispensed with a yellow card, although this is a clear breakdown of the attack.
Dean Henderson, by the way, is one of the candidates for the role of England goalkeeper. At least Gareth Southgate is watching him closely.
Henderson brilliantly plays at the exit at the corner, although the pitch went exactly on Benteke's head. The Belgian striker had already seen him hammer the ball into the goal, but the English goalkeeper had a different opinion.
Master of the field mastered. McGoldrick got the ball on the left flank, and it was possible to transfer to the penalty area, where there were already two partners. But the Sheffield striker decided to take the game upon himself and eventually lost the ball.
Landstrom decided to break through from afar. Strongly above the gate.
It is difficult for Sheffield defenders to get out of the pressure with rather torn assists but still managed to get out of their half of the field.
Townsend and Ward did not understand on the right flank of someone else's penalty area. Tausend seemed to beat the defender and, removing the ball under the left, wanted to pitch into the penalty area, but Ward decided to immediately breakthrough from afar. Very inaccurate.
And here is the first approach to the gates of someone else from Sheffield! Baldock on the backswing removed the defender and hung in the goalkeeper. Milivoevich relieves the ball with a clearance. O'Connell struck above the goal at the corner.
Kelly during a pitch from the corner pushed Egan. Foul did not go past Kut's eyes, although there could potentially be an assist moment - Benteke was alone and could inflict a dangerous blow.
The first yellow card in the match. Landstrom hard-hit Zach's legs, for which he was awarded the "mustard plaster".
Moment! Once again, Benteke and O'Connell met in martial arts. Christian defended Sheffield and shot from an acute angle. Henderson caught the ball, but the Belgian striker Crystal Palace signalled that O'Connell was holding it, preventing it from delivering an accurate shot.
O'Connell managed to recover. The doctors checked him for a concussion, but everything seems to be fine. The game continues with the fifth issue of Sheffield.
O'Connell in a horse fight for the ball unsuccessfully collided with Benteke. Apparently, the British defender hit his head. Club doctors are helping him.
The Crystal Palace footballers took the ball to their feet and have already besieged the alien half of the field. Sheffield is defensively disciplined.
The starting whistle sounds. The match has begun!
Football players appear on the field. Serves today's meeting David Coot.
Teams are preparing to enter the field.
In the first round, both teams won one point. Sheffield, who returned to the English elite 12 years later, played a draw against Bournemouth (1: 1), while Crystal Palace, which failed to sign CSKA striker and Russian national team Fedor Chalov, broke up with Everton "(0: 0). The last time the Sheffield met with the Eagles eight years ago. Then, as part of the 32nd round of the 2010/11 Championship Championship, Crystal Palace won a minimal victory in their field with a score of 1: 0 thanks to a goal by Darren Ambrose.
Crystal Palace: Goalkeeper: Vicente Guaita;
Joel Ward, Patrick van Anholt, Scott Dunn, Martin Kelly, Maximilian Meyer, James MacArthur, Luca Milivojevic, Andros Townsend, Christian Benteke, Wilfried Zaha.
Starting lineups. Sheffield United:
Goalkeeper: Dean Henderson;
Chris Basham, Jack O'Connell, John Egan, Enda Stevens, George Baldock, John Landstrom, John Fleck, Oliver Norwood, Callum Robinson, David McGoldrick.
The match will begin at 16.00 Moscow time.

Hello dear football fans. Your attention is a text online broadcast of the match of the 2nd round of the English Premier League, in which there are “Sheffield United” and “Crystal Palace”.

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