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Manchester United - Liverpool 1 - 1 The leader was besieged: Manchester United tied with Liverpool

Manchester United - Liverpool 1 - 1 The leader was besieged: Manchester United tied with Liverpool

“Manchester United” in the 9th round of the English Premier League tied with the confidently leading in the table, “Liverpool”.

9th round |   October 20, 18:30   | FINISHED
1: 1
Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester Referee: Martin Atkinson (Leeds, West Yorkshire, England)
The author of the goal, “Manchester United” Rashford summed up the match.
“We deserved three points. I don’t think they were good enough to play a draw or win, but this is football. This is a big missed opportunity, and we just did not finish it. I hope that in the middle of the week we will be able to win, and this will begin to work for us, ”he said.
Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson spoke out after playing the 9th round of the Premier League against Manchester United.
“We could play better today, and I believe that in the second half we looked more confident. However, if you can’t win, don’t lose.
In the first half, the game was a bit torn, and we did not play football. In the second half of the meeting, we created much more problems for them and pressed to score the winning goal. However, we were not able to realize the moments, ”he said.
J├╝rgen Klopp has not won in any of his away matches against Manchester United since his appointment as head coach of Liverpool.
Last season the teams drew in the Premier League (0: 0), in the 2017/18 season, Liverpool lost to Manchester United (1: 2), in the 2016/17 season the meeting at Old Trafford ended in a draw (1: one). In the 2015/16 season, Liverpool lost to Manchester United (1: 3).
Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana spoke about a draw with Manchester United in the 9th round of the Premier League (1: 1).
“Today we were not in perfect shape, so there were replacements. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was very good. If we want to win the title, then we need the whole team and not just 11 people of the starting lineup.
We arrived at Old Trafford and took a point. At the beginning of the season, we would probably have agreed to this. And we still have never lost.
There are many positive things that can be noted today, given the fact that we were not in the best shape, ”said Lallana.
Manchester United climbed to 13th place. Now the team has ten points.
But even despite this draw, Liverpool continues to lead the Premier League. The team has 25 points, the gap from the “City” is six points.
So, “Liverpool” interrupts the winning streak, which consisted of 17 (!) Matches.
Wow, well, you and I just could watch the match! Loses first points in the Liverpool season, taking away a draw from Manchester - 1: 1.
90 + 7
Players serve the corner, De Gea takes the ball and that's it! The final whistle sounds. fiery draw in Manchester!
90 + 6
Liverpool's first corner in this match. 96 minutes, by the way.
90 + 6
It could be dangerous, Liverpool beats in the opponent's box, but nothing comes of it.
90 + 4
Brand Wilmsya enters the field. Solskjer gave him a few minutes.
90 + 3
The second substitution in the match is being prepared by Solskjer. Meanwhile, the ball goes to the third corner for United. Pereira crosses, but Matip intercepts the ball.
90 + 2
Chamberlain strikes hard at goal but misses.
Liverpool spends the last minutes of the attack. And five minutes added to the second half.
Alexander-Arnold shoots, but above the gate. By the way. not a single corner of the “Liverpool” has not yet been in the match.
United did not tolerate a bit, but there is still time, both teams can still win the match.
LLCOOOL !! Lallana, not meeting strong resistance, still scores the ball “Liverpool!
And here comes the first Sulscher replacement. Rashford leaves, Martial leaves.
Pereira does not have time to close the dangerous transmission, and then Fred hits with his left foot, but past the gate.
The third, final, replacement for Liverpool. Jorginho Veinaldum goes to rest, Nabi Keita will finish the match
Ten minutes before the end of the match, with the score 1-0 in favor of United, we recall that Liverpool had not lost any points before this match in the new season.
Not a single hit on target was caused by the team in the second half. Yes, and possession of the ball is now more or less equal, slightly inferior to United, but this is almost not visible.
Lallana got a foot from Young, the referee was forced to whistle. After a free-kick, Firmino reaches the ball, hits the goal, but De Gea calmly takes the ball.
De Gea calmly controls the game, he knocks the ball out of his box.
Fred charges with his left foot, he completes the United attack. But there is still only one goal in the match.
Henderson leaves the floor, Adam Lallana leaves. Klopp carries out the second substitution, he needs to somehow change the game.
Through Fabinho, Liverpool tried to launch an attack, but it all got stuck. Players walk almost on foot and nearly lower the counterattack. And here is the first yellow card - Fabinho for a blow from behind.
Dangerous! Rashford hit the force on goal, but a little past.
“Liverpool” is very hard in this match, the players are trying to do something, they are pressing, but United are playing too tightly. On account hold.
Liverpool has been pressing hard lately; Klopp’s wards have settled in half of United.
The replacement was carried out by Liverpool, but not Manchester. James continues the game, which is surprising, for a very long time the doctors helped him.
James rises with difficulty, but the replacement is carried out by Liverpool. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain leaves instead of Origi.
The game continues, but one of the players of “Manchester” lies on the lawn. This is James, to whom Fabinho hit his chest very hard. HolscherHolscheraring a replacement.
Liverpool shifted the game to the United goal, Origi is trying to break, but again - not dangerous. But Manchester now owns the ball only 25 percent.
Manchester’s quite a good positional attack, but one gets the impression that the team is not trying to aggravate in this way, but to delay time.
It is trying to control the United game, which in principle is obtained in the sense that it does not allow opponents to create something dangerous at their gates.
I have to play Liverpool more aggressively, and so far this only affects rudeness - James after a skirmish with opponents on the lawn. Van Dyck almost took his thigh.
Liverpool attacked in the first minutes, but their rivals won rebounds. As in the first half, and now.
Second half, let's go! Let's see how Liverpool corrects the situation.
And the whistle sounds for a break! Wow, well, the time issued the team. The ball was for the most part owned by Liverpool, but Manchester had more passes to the goal, which led to the goal scored. After some time, “Liverpool” equalized, but the referee did not count the goal due to Mane's hand. We leave for a break, “United” is 1-0.
45 + 1
Just a minute added to the first half. And the corner even at this time receives United, Young served, but Matip turns his head, the ball is taken out of the box.
But this is already sad for Liverpool. The judge does not count the goal; Mane had a hand game. Just a little touch, but the rule is the rule. Not counted, United continues to lead.
GOOOOOO! Mane! Amazingly replay Lindelof, and then throws De Hea. Fiction, a beautiful goal!
Players of “Liverpool” were a little confused. It seems that this goal just unsettled them. Klopp will need to do something with the team during the break.
Time passes, and Klopp continues to resent the fact that the goal counted.
The judge spends some time discussing and thinking whether to count or not, but yes, the score is open!
GOOOAAAAAL !! After the episode at De Gea’s goal, United flies into the attack. Rashford scores, their opponents are unhappy, claiming there was a violation.
De Gea makes a wonderful save, it was very dangerous, but as a result of the episode, the side referee raises the flag - offside.
Rashford today very often engages in martial arts and quite tough. Slightly got Matip. Manet then flies off to attack, gives the transfer to Firmino, but the blow is too weak, right in the hands of De Gea.
Pereira gets offside, and could arrange the most dangerous way out two in two in thirty minutes of the match.
Liverpool is a little lost, yes, the ball is present, but there are no dangerous moments. “United” to the opponent’s goal passes more often and even exacerbates.
It could have been dangerous, but Van Dyck clearly read the situation, the ball flew above the goal.
Oh! What passage Rashford now had, but he got confused at his own feet and could not give an aggravating pass.
Macktomin runs away from the Liverpool players, hits precisely in the center of the goal, but exactly into the hands of Alisson.
43 to 57 possession of the teams, it is clear that Liverpool often takes the ball under their control. And the speeds of the last minutes are not the highest, it does not reach the moments.
Pereira in an acute attack does not bring the matter to a shot on goal, but earns a corner. Lindelof flies the ball, Alisson kicks the ball.
Clutter at the gates of De Gea, Manet is unclear why you are falling, but the ball is knocked out. Can’t create anything for Klopp’s wards.
Eh, it could be dangerous. Pereira hit Liverpool in the penalty area, but the performance was not the best. The partners did not understand each other.
15 minutes have passed the match, until the dangerous moments, neither the United, nor Liverpool have not yet reached. Yes, and more or less equally look at the team.
Liverpool are pushing, while United are trying to clear the ball from their side of the field. The guests began to play more actively.
He throws himself into the attack “MJ”, from a long-distance hits Pereira, but this is only a warm-up for the goalkeeper. It is noteworthy that United has made its way to the opponent’s goal more than Liverpool.
Pereira takes the free-kick, but the defense reacts there very well. Again, nothing dangerous.
The attack is carried out by Manchester United, Pereira opens next to the gate of Liverpool. Now the hosts go ahead more, forcing guests to sit on the defensive.
The last-minute, Liverpool could not take the game away from their gates, the players from Manchester played well, but there was nothing dangerous.
Manchester United football players try to launch a quick counterattack after passing to Origi's goal, but nothing comes of it.
United tried to carry out an attack, but the defense of Liverpool played reliably. And then a foul was recorded in favor of the hosts.
Takes the ball Liverpool under its control. By the way, we note once again that Salah does not take part in the match.
The referee gives a whistle, let's go! First time!
Teams are already entering the field, very soon the starting whistle will sound.
Manchester United is not so rosy. The team occupies the 14th position in the Premier League standings, gaining only nine points.
Liverpool single-handedly leads the Premier League standings. The team scored 24 points in eight rounds. Manchester City, which has already played the ninth round match, is five points behind.
But Jurgen Klopp included the following players in the starting lineup:
Alisson, Van Dyck, Robertson, Matip, Alexander-Arnold, Veynaldum, Fabinho, Henderson, Firmino, Origi, Mane.
Manchester United, on the field of which the game is taking place, will be released as follows:
De Gea, Maguire, Lindelef, Van Bissaka, Young, Tuanzebe, Macktomin, Fred, James, Pereira, Rushford.
The match will begin at 18.30 Moscow time.
In the match of the 9th round of the Premier League, the unsuccessful start of the season Manchester United takes the lead in the Liverpool tournament. Anastasia Martynenko will follow the game with you.

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