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Zidane unexpectedly speaks out in support of Bale

The head coach of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, has changed his attitude towards the starward Gareth Bale. After a long period when the specialist did not count on the player, the “creamy” coach surprised the football world with a statement that he relied on the Welsh winger in the new season.

Zidane unexpectedly speaks out in support of Bale

Mentor of Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane changed anger to mercy: Welshman Gareth Bale remains in the team. The French specialist said that he relies on a 30-year-old football player, reports Sky Sports.
“From the outside, it might seem that Bale was close to leaving for another club. But everything is changing, so this season I will rely on him, as well as on others. He has his own place, he is an important football player, so this season I rely on all the players who are on my team, ”

- summed up the specialist, who, on the eve of the start in the Example and the difficult match with “Celta” on August 17, it was important to defuse the unpleasant atmosphere prevailing in the camp of the “royal” club.
“We are all really looking forward to the start of the season, all our attention is on the starting game. We are all very happy. What is the goal of the upcoming match? To win. We must be prepared to win and compete. This is the best league in the world, and there is fierce competition, ”quoted the steering“ creamy ”AS.
But only this week the news about the Frenchman shocked the world sports media. Mentor “creamy” seriously thought about leaving the team. Zidane was extremely unhappy that the club did not sign Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba.
As El Pais journalist Diego Torres previously reported, Zinedine allegedly personally promised the 2018 World Champion that he would sign him for Real Madrid, and now, after the transfer was disrupted, the crisis of confidence between Zidane and club president Florentino Perez has become even greater.

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“For Zidane, his project and Pogba are almost the same things. None of what was promised to him actually happened. He returned as a shield protecting Florentino, but he has already fulfilled this political and social mission, ”quoted Torres to The Independent.
Also, the Frenchman, who did not want to limit himself to transferring the star Eden Hazard from Chelsea, could be adversely affected by the situation with the same Gareth Bale. The Welshman stopped receiving game practice at the end of last season, and it would seem that the expiration of the Bale days in Madrid is only a matter of time.
“I did not call him to a match with Bayern, because the club is trying to arrange his departure. In the coming days, we will find out how it will end. I can’t say that his transfer is inevitable, but if Gareth leaves tomorrow, it will be even better. Currently, Real Madrid is already talking with the club that can buy the Bail contract, ”Zidane spoke about the Welshman, assuring that he has no conflict with the player and that his possible sale is not a consequence of personal relationships.
“Just the moment has come for parting. The team must change, and I must make such decisions. I don’t know if this will happen in the next day or two, but the situation will change, and so it will be better for everyone, ”the Frenchman insisted.
The agent of the athlete Jonathan Barnett added fuel to the fire, who did not hesitate in expressing comments on the future of his client.
“Zidane is just a shame. Talking about a man who has done so much for Real Madrid! If Gareth and leaves the club, then only on the basis of their own interests. His transfer will have no connection with Zidane’s pressure, ”the ESPN agent quoted him as saying.
Bale himself was initially ready to stay in Madrid, despite the lack of playing practice and a series of ongoing injuries. Because of the salary he receives at Real Madrid, the options for changing the club have disappeared - China, even not sparing any money and interested in Welsh PSG, have disowned the amount of € 17 million per season.
And so, fate gives the Welshman a new chance to show himself to Zinedine Zidane, who did not like him.
It is worth noting that Bale joined the Madrid club in 2013. He came from the English Tottenham for € 100 million, becoming the most expensive football player in the world at that time. His contract expires on June 30, 2022.
Last season, Gareth chalked up 14 goals and seven assists in 42 cream games in all tournaments.
In total, with Real Madrid, Bale won the Champions League four times, became the champion of Spain, raised the Spanish Cup over his head, and also tripled his victory in the UEFA Super Cup.

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