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Zenit striker Artem Dziuba criticized the referee of the match with Akhmat

St. Petersburg Zenit striker Artem Dziuba criticized the work of the judges in the 6th round match of the Russian Premier League (RPL) with Akhmat (0-0), calling such refereeing a shame. Now the captain of the Russian national team faces a disqualification of two to four matches.

Zenit striker Artem Dziuba criticized the referee of the match with Akhmat

The match of the sixth round of the Russian Premier League (RPL) ended with another referee scandal. The chief referee of the match between Zenit and Akhmat in St. Petersburg, Alexei Matyunin, made very strange and inconsistent decisions.

“Honestly, such refereeing is a shame. It’s our own fault that we did not open the defence of Akhmat. There is no talk. But when the players wallow for fifteen minutes, when the goalkeeper knocks out twenty minutes ... He didn’t even show the yellow goalkeeper! Matyunin is the best player of the match. Now we’ll listen to Alexander Egorov, a visionary, ”the leader of Russian football Artem Dziubacriticized the judiciary.

Already in the seventh minute, two controversial moments happened at once. Alexander Erokhin, running away from the Grozny captain Rizvan Utsiev, stumbled at his feet and fell. The ball was picked up on time by Serdar Azmun, who beat the goalkeeper and sent the ball into the net. However, before the goal, Matyunin had a foul on Erokhin, after which he showed a direct red Utsieva. The replay clearly shows that Rizvan player “Zenith” in that episode barely touched.
Everyone was disappointed: Utsiev - because he knew for sure that Erokhina hadn’t touched, the head coach of Akhmat Rashid Rakhimov - because his team was already in the seventh minute in the minority, Azmun - because he had his goal taken, Dziuba - because everyone with Russian judges is bad.
“How is this possible: at one match we have VAR, at another, it is not? We scored a clean goal. I believe that Matyunin is just the hero of the match today. What was that all about? We will again listen to Yegorov now, what will he say again. In our starting championship, everyone plays well, except for the judges. It seems to me that they already need to add. Fouls interpret this way, then differently. It’s yellow, but not yellow. Pure red, but he has some doubts, ”Artyom said after the match.
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Dziuba is a rather sharp form answered Denis Glushakov, who just did not call refereeing a shame.

“Did Dziuba call refereeing a shame?” It’s clear that it’s a shame to lose points at home. And when we have a player removed, and they have Smolnikov - no? When people roll with two legs and are not shown yellow cards? Is this not a shame? We are silent, do not say anything. Let's not say shame. It was already difficult for us, also in the minority. It was necessary to remove two or three from us? Then would it be good for them? ”Said the newcomer to Akhmat.
It is still worth emphasizing that then Denis said that they had no conflict with Dziuba and could not be, just everyone sees the situation through their own prism.
Even world champion in figure skating Elizaveta Tuktamysheva stood up for Dziuba.
Of course, after such a fiery speech, Jube is facing disqualification. The head of the ethics committee of the RFU Semyon Andreev said that the player faces two to four matches without his own participation. He also added that popular love for Dzuba does not mean that he must violate the regulations.
“If a request is received from the leaders of the league, we will consider the speech of Dziuba. For this, of course, is a disqualification. We will consider, discuss, but so far there has been no appeal, ”Andreev said.
Probably, the mentor of the blue-white-blue Sergey Semak will not do without punishment. After the match, his assistant, William de Oliveira, approached the referee team to discuss some game episodes and controversial issues, but the Zenit head coach asked his assistant to stop talking with the referees while offending the referees.
“Do not talk with these goats!” Semak shouted.
Andreev, commenting on this episode, also emphasized that it would be considered by the ethics committee.
“Such words do not colour this specialist, especially considering the fact that he is still a young coach, on whom everyone has high hopes. And we remain at the same level. Very bad. If we consider this will be our committee, then the position will be fundamental, "- quotes AndreevSport24.
The possible disqualification is understandable - the rules are the same for everyone, and Alexander Yegorov will be punished for insulting judges and the head of the refereeing and inspection department of the RFU.
Is the problem of judges only solved by prohibitions on their criticism and disqualification of football players? Will Matyunin cease to see fouls where they are not, even in the event of a long disqualification of Dziuba? This is perhaps the main question.
One of the obvious solutions to the deplorable situation with the referees is to adopt the positive experience of the best football countries in the world. Conducting even more masterclasses, internships in the best schools of judges, organizing press conferences with the participation of referees, working with players, explaining the new rules of refereeing. Perhaps this is precisely how it is possible to make Russian football cleaner in the refereeing plan. In any case, this approach will be more productive than the next statement by Alexander Egorov.

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