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Chelsea - Leicester City: Chelsea could not beat Leicester

In the match of the 2nd round of the English Premier League, Chelsea took Leicester and could not keep the victory, having lost a rival with a draw

 Chelsea - Leicester City: Chelsea could not beat Leicester

Match over
Cheerfully, very cheerfully started Chelsea, sending the opponent, one might say, knocked down. But success could not be developed. Further, “Leicester” was even more interesting, and it all ended in a draw, which looks quite natural. So far, the beginning of Frank Lampard's coaching career in the club that has become his native goes so-so. Thank you for being with us until we meet again. The broadcast was led by Alexander Sedov.
'90 +5
At the last moment in the game, Kepa manages, having flown far beyond the free-kick, to get ahead of the Leicester player, who would score for the ball, who would score into the empty. And the final whistle.
'90 +4
Vardi robbed Christensen in the fight, but the referee still recorded a foul in the attack. Although both grabbed each other.
'90 +3
Tielemans finds Maddison seemingly forgotten by everyone on the left, he slowly walks out one-on-one and shoots at the goal, but Kepa is no longer playing - the referee has flagged an offside position.
'90 +2
Abraham at a speed runs to the penalty area, cleans up at a convenient and hits - higher.
'90 +1
Four minutes were added to the second half.
Zuma pounds because of the free-kick - very inaccurate.
“Leicester” in a quick attack from the right flank delivers the ball into the penalty area under the blow of Tielemans, who came running along the right half, into touch. Arrisabalaga puts his fists and reflects a powerful shot.
Maddison delivers from the penalty box from the depths to the front, there Seyunju gets to the ball, but this is not even a hit, but the shell is in Kepa’s hands.
We recounted the statistics: even 6 hits against 1 were at Chelsea in the first half. But in the second half, 6-10 is already in favour of Leicester.
Mount shoots on goal after Abraham's discount and lands in Seyunju's hand. But only the corner. This is not a penalty. A corner does not lead to anything.
Chelsea is slowly organizing the finished pile, but now the threat of guests' counterattacks is especially great.
Mason Mount received the right to free-kick, but the ball went well above the goal.
Pedro transfers the ball to the left flank of Willian, he danced with the ball and gave Ngolo Kante, who was eventually shot down. A dangerous point for feeding and, in principle, for a strike.
Rogers' second substitution: instead of Agios Perez, Marcus Albrighton appeared on the field.
Vardi fouls in the attack in the pressure on the alien half of the field. Very dissatisfied with Jamie this whistle, but Aspilikuetu really unwound hands.
Willian responds with a shot from an acute angle into the net from the outside, but this one was not so dangerous.
Moment! Maddison made a pass on Vardi’s move, he flew into the penalty area with his left half-flank and shot down into the far corner - very close to the bar.
Both teams are looking for chances to win the match. Game on three outcomes. And the main conclusion is that the rivals seem equal.
Chelsea is responding! Abraham does not jump a bit to Pedro's promising canopy.
Moment! Maddison just forgave Chelsea. The right flank of the Chelsea defense failed. Passing into the box on Maddison, who was able to pick out the ball in the fight against two defenders. It was possible to drive to Vardi, but James himself was in a slaughter position, but he loaded with all his urine above the alignment.
And here is the "Leicester" first replacement. Hamza Choudhury is replaced by Dennis Prat. The Belgian "foxes" were bought this summer from the Italian "Sampdoria".
And then Willian appears on the lawn instead of Christian Pulisic.
So, instead of Jorginho, Mateo Kovacic appears on the field.
Leicester continues to create pressure. Ricardo Pereira decided on a long shot. But he came out inaccurate.
The Nigerian opornik “Leicester” is corrected for the brought goal and a number of blots of the first half! Of course, Maddison filed from the corner of the field into the box, and Ndidi easily jumped over to Aspilikuet and hit his head into the near nine equalized!
The Leicester answered with a quick and sharp attack, but Perez’s last pass to Vardi wasn’t accurate enough.
Chelsea is trying to create something through fast breakthroughs of its players on the flanks. Now, a little outside the center of the field, Pereira stopped Emerson with a foul.
Tammy Abraham enters the field, not instead of limping Pedro, but instead of Olivier Giroud. On the cutting edge.
"Leicester" again decently presses on the alien half. Now, something like moments has gone.
Maddison is back in the Chelsea box. He stopped the difficult ball, then literally unwound Christensen and shot into the far corner. A little inaccurate.
“Leicester” plays the corner, and in the end, after a protracted attack, Chouduri delivers a bypass strike due to a free-kick. Arrisabalaga catches easily.
Extremely active Pedro was injured. He hit the ball, but through it received a return on the heel of the opponent. There will be a replacement.
We are waiting for Vardy to say her word. Jamie has scored 31 goals for Top 6 teams in 55 matches since his debut in the Premier League (2014 only). Generally, no one scored anymore!
A canopy into the penalty area of ​​Leicester, but definitely in the hands of Schmeichel.
Madison! He took the ball and beat the defenders and even Kepu, but he couldn’t exactly put the pass on the empty net to the partners ...
At the beginning of the second half, rivals cut for the initiative.
Coaches did not substitute. As a result, in the first half, the opponents owned the ball equally, and on blows, the score in favour of Chelsea was 5 (3) - 1 (0).
Let's go! The second half started.
Chelsea just started at a hurricane pace, created a number of obvious scoring chances and asked the guests, forcing Leicester to bring himself a goal. After that, the game gradually levelled off, and the “foxes” even looked better, though they really didn’t create anything. We rest and return to the second half.
'45 +2
In the end, Chelsea also filed a corner, but it did not end with anything. Whistle for a break.
'45 +1
One minute is added to the first half. “Leicester” played a corner, making a pass from the bottom into the box, but unsuccessfully.
“Leicester” presses positionally, but occasionally loses balls himself. Right now, the marriage during the processing happened to Ricardo Pereira.
Anyway, “Leicester” in the ending is obviously more active. Chelsea got tired of its own pace.
Toward the end of the first half, the game seems to have finally moved to centre field. Will nothing else happen?
Penalty earned “Leicester” on the right flank. An excellent service was made by Maddison into someone else's goalkeeper. The guests were rushing in, and the case almost ended in a point-blank blow from Ndidi. Just a little did not reach.
Chelsea players are looking for options to conduct a positional attack, but have not yet found it. "Leicester" very competently covers all areas. If the Lampard team didn’t score a quick goal, now it would be possible to say that not according to the hosts' scenario everything is developing.
Almost without violation, the game runs. But now Oliver Langford, who replaced Graham Scott at the last moment as an arbiter of the match, saw a foul on Pulisic.
“Foxes” are desperately chopped for the ball in someone else's half of the field, and the owners now are very difficult.
Pulisic threw himself the ball on the move to the Chelsea penalty box, but Schmeichel managed to. And then on the other half of the Arrisabalaga almost brought himself a goal. Adrian's example is contagious.
Brendan Rogers writes something enthusiastically in his little notebook. I wonder what?
“Leicester” also tries to attack from time to time positionally. The ball manages to be kept, but it is not possible to create something similar to the moment.
What a beauty! Pulisic started it all, through Jorginho brought to Emerson, he shot down on Gira. Olivier put the heel back and closer to the centre of the goal under the blow of Kant, who ran in and stuck in the goal, but didn’t fall because of the defender’s substituted foot. The corner did not lead to anything.
Mount hangs in the box. The defenders endure, after which the ball returns to the possession of Schmeichel at the second pace, falling into his hands.
And now there is a foul. A little further from the front line, but otherwise the point is about the same. And the likelihood of a dangerous feed is high.
Giraffe is being felled on the left flank already at the level of the Leicester penalty after Emerson's pass, but the referee believes that there was nothing.
“Leicester” earned his first corner match, played it, and Vardi made an inaccurate pass back. The loss.
John Terry in a stylish cap watches this game from the rostrum. The legend of Chelsea, a friend of Lampard and one of the coaches who returned to the Aston Villa nuclear submarine.
Moment! Pedro in the passage along the right half-flank to the penalty area demonstrated the technique, stopped the ball several times with the sole, shifting it, and gave Aspilicuete to the right, who hung it directly on Mount. The header of a lone midfielder fell directly into the hands of Schmeichel, who got off with a slight fright.
“Leicester” began to often pick the ball in a strange half of the field. After another such selection, Tielemans is blocked due to a free-kick.
Ricardo Pereira for a long time decided what to do with the ball, and made a canopy. But in the hands of Arrisabalage.
Almost passed the transfer to Vardi under the exit to a free position in the penalty area, but still, a little did not get in touch with partner Ricardo Pereira.
Giroud demands that the referee fix a foul on him in a strange half of the field, but the referee does not see any violation and offers to go up, and the ball is already with Leicester.
The pace of the game fell slightly. Chelsea's onslaught has dried up, and Leicester has become involved in the game. But this onslaught brought the desired result to Lampard's team.
Chelsea calmly plays the ball down, not hesitating to use Kepa, who also feels confident under pressure from his opponents.
At least the game has moved at least to the centre of the field.
Chelsea continues to push but are good at selecting Seyungju, and this is Leicester’s first counterattack. Maddison makes a cool penetrating pass on Vardi, and he would have got a chance if he had not played smartly in Christensen's interception tackle.
He is trying to somehow change what is happening on the Leicester field, but so far he has possession of the ball 28% of the time, and Chelsea is constantly pressing and selecting the balls.
How they criticized Lampard for putting Mount to start at the start of the season! Mason himself went to the selection for the late Ndidi, covered him in front of the penalty area, stood on his feet and gave under the supporting Schmeichel the bottom!
Chelsea continues to generate positional attacks. Jorginho, being on the left flank, made a throw in the penalty area on Pedro, but he did not reach the ball.
Chelsea has total control of the ball. “Leicester” looks stunned, but at least there are no more moments. By the way, in the previous Mount, after all, he beat Girou from the penalty area after the discount, after which Pulishich finished off.
After the corner, Schmeichel does not jump to the ball on an awkward exit, and as a result, Turkish defender Caglar Seyunju takes the shell to hell. And the gates were empty.
SHmeikhel! The Danish captain of Leicester saves his team twice in a row! And the kick from behind the penalty, and pushing Pulishich point-blank dragged!
Immediately, Chelsea conducts a quick and dangerous attack, in which Pedro shot already from the depths of the penalty area, but fell into the net from the outside.
Let's go! The match has begun.
Serves today's match team of referees, led by Oliver Langford.
True, Chelsea’s affairs are going horribly so far. The team is playing well, but here are the results ... In the first round, the “blue” fired all the rods, but in the end, they burned out with a score of 0: 4 “Manchester United”. Then there was the European Super Cup against Liverpool, where Lampard's team looked great again, but after exchanging goals with their rivals in regular and extra time (2: 2), she lost the trophy in the penalty shoot-out. By the way, her anti-hero - 20-year-old English striker Tammy Abraham - will start today's match on the bench.
Opponents began the season differently. “Leicester” in the first round on his field broke the world with “Wolves”. The teams could not score each other goals in 90 minutes. In general, this is quite a working result, since both teams belong to the group of pursuers of the grandees and will fight for the European Cups, and if they are successful, they will even sweep their place in the Champions League (Leicester is not used to working wonders). It’s not bad for the foxes that the game was played at their King Power Stadium. Now, departure to Stamford Bridge to one of the Top 6 teams.
And here is the starting lineup of Leicester, which put Brendan Rogers:
Schmeichel - Ricardo Pereira, Evans, Sejunju, Fuchs - Ndidi, Tillmans, Chowduri - Perez, Vardi, Maddison.
The lineups are already known. Let's see which Chelsea footballers start the meeting by Frank Lampard's decision:
Arrisabalaga - Aspilicueta, Christensen, Zuma, Emerson - Kante, Jorginho, Mount - Pedro, Giroud, Pulisic.
The meeting will begin at 18:30 Moscow time.
In the second round match of the English Premier League championship, Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in London hosts Leicester. Together with you, Alexander Sedov will follow this fascinating match.

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