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Age Mysteries: Shahid Afridi uncovers his genuine age in collection of memoirs

A standout amongst cricket's most critical riddles has finally been solved...sort of.

Shahid Afridi, a similar number of fans have since a long time back suspected, isn't as energetic as official records have had it all of these years. Afridi himself has made the exposure in his self-depiction Game Changer released in India and Pakistan this week. In a segment in which he depicts his call-up to the senior Pakistan bunch in October 1996, Afridi creates that he was considered in 1975. In spite of the way that he doesn't give a month or day, that makes him, possibly, five years more settled than what he is: official records, including ESPNcricinfo's player profile pages record his date of birth as March 1, 1980.

Age Mysteries: Shahid Afridi uncovers his genuine age in collection of memoirs
Shahid Afridi uncovers his genuine age in collection of memoirs
Afridi showed up in an ODI tri-course of action rivalry in Nairobi, and, most extensively, hit a 37-ball hundred the main event when he batted in all inclusive cricket. That record spoke to over 17 years and was essentially dynamically absurd for the manner in which that it had been practiced by a 16-year-old. In any case, by and by we know, he wasn't. 

Anyway Afridi just broadens the confusion in his book with the going with line: "Moreover, for the record, I was just nineteen, and not sixteen like they ensure. I was imagined in 1975. Thusly, without a doubt, the experts communicated my age incorrectly." If he was imagined in 1975, that would make him 20 or 21 at the period of the innings and not 19 as he makes. 

He had arrived in Nairobi from the Caribbean, where he was playing in an Under-19 course of action for Pakistan - which as of now suggests that he wasn't commonly under 19 at the time. Afridi has since quite a while back left the worldwide beguilement anyway the insistence adds a survey sparkle to his displays in the PSL this season, where he played eight preoccupations for Multan Sultans and took 10 wickets surrendering essentially 6.74 runs per over - all as a 43-or 44-year-old. 

Shahid Afridi reveals his real age 

The year 1975 would similarly infer that he was 34 or 35 when he out of the blue left Test cricket in 2010, having returned following a four-year nonappearance from the design - as captain - and staying for just a single Test. It similarly suggests that when he finally played his last redirection for Pakistan at the 2016 World T20, he was not 36 yet rather 40 or 41. 

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